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9 Pocket Traveler with RFID
  • 9 Pocket Traveler with RFID
  • 9 Pocket Traveler with RFID, Taupe
  • 9 Pocket Traveler with RFID, Black & Taupe
  • 9 Pocket Traveler with RFID, Taupe interior
  • 9 Pocket Traveler with RFID
  • 9 Pocket Traveler with RFID
  • Detachable Strap, Black
  • Detachable Strap, Taupe
  • Locking Zippers, Black
  • Locking Zippers, Taupe

9 Pocket Traveler with RFID

Model: NT85025

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9 Pocket Traveler Purse with Large RFID Pocket 

Fashionable and functional! The 9 Pocket Traveler Purse gets you and your essentials to your destination and then is ready to go out on the town. 

  • Sewn with nylon thread for maximum durability.

  • Satin Nylon Twill Weave Material-Spot clean only.
  • RFID Safe Pocket, fits 4 passports 
  • Magnetic snap closure on external open pocket 

Satin Nylon Fabric

The perfect travel fabric with a smoother look. This is a lightweight super-fine, high density soft material with a contemporary look and it's easy care too.

Exterior Features

Exterior Zippered Pocket: 10.5" W x 6.5" H

Magnetic Closure Pocket: 11" W x 7.5" H, Phone Pocket within with Velcro Closure: 4" W x 5" H

(2) External Side Pockets: 1- Velcro Closure & 1 Open Pocket each-3" W x 6.5" H 


Interior Features

Interior Zippered RFID Pocket: 11" W x 6" H

(2) Interior Organizational Pockets: 5" W x 6" H

Large Velcro Closure Pocket: 11" W x 7 1/4" H

(2) Interior Side Pockets: 3.5" W x 4" H

Exterior Zipper Closure: 10.5" W x 6.5" H


Key Security Features


RFID Blocking - Protects Credit Cards


Super-sized, super-secure inside zipper pocket for your valuables with RFID Blocking SafePocket™. 

This security purse includes 1 RFID blocking SafePocket™  - it is a zippered pocket located in the main compartment on the side interior of the bag. The pocket is 11.5" wide x 7" deep. Big enough to fit multiple passports! RFID shielding keeps your identity safe from falling into the hands of identity thieves. The protective RFID Blocking technology blocks unauthorized RFID readers from accessing your sensitive personal information embedded in debit and credit cards and/or passport(s).  


Detachable Strap 

This new feature lets you un-clip your strap from one end and wrap around your chair for a super secure no worry meal or meeting!









Locking Zipper Pulls

This purse has a special hook which latches onto the zipper pulls. The hook prevents the zipper(s) from being pulled open by anyone but you. It takes two hands to unhook the catch from the zipper. Professional pickpockets typically are skilled at opening unlocked zippers with one hand while they use the other one to distract you. 




DayMakers BeSafe Bag  with RFID Shielding from Corporate Travel Safety



Cut Proof Straps

Two continuous thin strands of braided stainless steel cable (1/16", slice resistant) are sewn inside the length of the straps. This special feature prevents slicing of the strap with a knife or razor blade.






Anti-Slash Panel Protects Against Bag Slashing

The spot most vulnerable to bag slashers on any travel purse is the lower portion of the bag. This bag's bottom is reinforced with anti-slash material so your valuables won't fall out even if a bag-slasher targets your bag.


9 Pocket Traveler with RFID Specifications

  • Dimensions: 14" L x 9.5" H x Top of Bag- 2" W/Bottom of Bag- 4.5" W
  • Material: Satin Nylon Twill Weave-  Spot Clean
  • A pair of 1/16" aircraft cables are sewn into the slice-proof 45" adjustable strap 
  • Comfort: Padded shoulder cushion on strap
  • Weight:1lb. 9oz.
  • Daymakers BeSafe Bags
  • Colors: Black or Taupe
  • Great end pockets for water bottle, folding umbrella, sunglasses, etc.

Please Note: Products with RFID SafePockets™ are NOT machine washable, they will lose their RFID blocking effectiveness.