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Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID 42472
  • Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID 42472
  • Travelon Anti-theft Tour Bag
  • Travelon Anti-theft Tour Bag
  • Travelon Anti-theft Tour Bag
  • Travelon Anti-theft Tour Bag

Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID Protection

Model: 42472

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Anti-Theft Day Bag or Tour Bag with Built in RFID Protection

fits iPad

The Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID Protection is a great top-loading travel bag with a front flap. Enjoy your day sight-seeing knowing your valuables are secure. The padded main compartment is sized to hold an iPad or similar sized tablet, and the lock down feature of the zipper pulls will keep it secure.

What makes this travel security tour bag different from other security travel bags is that it also includes RFID shielding in the bag’s organizer pocket, so that your RFID chipped credit cards and passport information is safe from not just from slick fingered pickpockets, but electronic pickpockets as well.


Travelon Tour Bag Anti-Theft Security Features

Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID 42472

RFID Protection - Protects your RFID enabled credit cards and passports from "electronic pickpocketing"

 RFID chips in credit cards and passports broadcast information to RFID readers such as your account number and oher personal information. Check your cards for this or similar symbols to see if you have a RFID enabled card.  Most likely your passport is.

  •  U.S. passport issued since October, 2006 (the so-called smart passport)

  •  Debit or credit card – MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover


  •  Enhanced driver’s license with long-range RFID chips (check with your state)


Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID Protection


Security  Flap - Lets You Know if Someone is Opening Your Bag's Outside Organizer Pocket 

Something as simple as Velcro can keep your valuables secure. You'll be sure to notice even the gentlest of tugs by someone other than yourself. The beauty of Velcro is it is easy for you to pull up the flap and quickly access you bag.


"Anti-Pickpocket” Security Zippers Stop Pickpockets From Opening Your Bag 

Tourists are often targets of young children with small and nimble hands who stand beside you, Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID Protectionunzip your bag’s zipper and remove your valuables without your knowledge. The Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag stops this type of theft cold in its tracks with its built-in security zipper locks.

To use the zipper locks, simply zip the tour bag shut, then lock the zipper pull down with the zipper security catch. The Anti-Theft Tour Bag has two tamper-proof security zippers, one which secures the main compartment, and the other protects the zippered compartment on the outside of the tour bag.


“Anti-Snatch” Tour Bag Security Strap Prevents “Snatch and Run” Thefts

Anti-snatch security clip

Another type of theft is the “snatch and run” bag theft. You place your tour bag on a chair next to you while at a cafe. You become momentarily distracted as a friendly stranger begins to ask you questions. Shortly after the stranger leaves you notice your bag is gone. While that “friendly stranger” diverted your attention, an accomplice lifted your bag without you knowledge.

You can prevent this type of theft and dine with peace of mind by using the Travelon "Anti-Snatch” security strap. The carry strap of the bag easily detaches from the fashion ring at one end of the bag. Take the unhooked strap and loop it around a chair arm or back and then back onto the bag.  Now the bag is anchored to the chair.

Anti-slash strap

“Anti-Slash” Cut-Proof Purse Strap Prevents “Cut and Run” Thefts 

The shoulder strap of this security tour bag has a flexible steel cable running through it, thwarting cut n run theft. This strap is stronger than an ordinary plain leather purse strap. The security shoulder strap is fully adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened from a hang length of 9 to 20 inches.  The hang length is measured from the top of the strap, to the top of the bag.


Security “Chain Link” Steel Mesh Embedded in Bag Material Prevents Bag Slash Thefts

Embedded in between the inside and outside material of the Anti-Theft Tour Bag is a slash-proof chain-link mesh that protects the bottom and lower portions of the security bag. This security feature prevents a thief from cutting any side of the anti-theft tour bag, and prevents your valuables from falling out.  Slash n grab thefts typically occur in crowded locations such as subways, buses, elevators, escalators, ferries, or other congested locations where you may be packed against people and wouldn't notice the jostling.


Travelon’s Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID Protection - Organizational Features

The Travelon Security Tour Bag offers a variety of organizational features so you can keep yourself organized.  The features of the bag include:

Front Organizer Pocket

The organizer pocket keeps items close at hand and secure with a security zipper. The security Velcro flap cover is on the front of the bag. This pocket also offers RFID blocking protection as well. Layered into the pocket design is RFID blocking material so that credit cards and passports are shielded, eliminating the need for a RFID blocking wallet. Pocket dimensions are 8 inches by 8 inches.

Travelon Anti-theft Tour Bag with RFID Protection Pocket

The inside the organizer pocket are the following storage features:

  • (3) Credit / Business Card Slots
  • (1) ID slot with semi-opaque plastic window
  • (1) Lip balm storage slot
  • (2) Open top storage pockets for cell phone / smart phone / media player storage

Additionally, located at the top of the organizer pocket, directly under the security flap is a large open top slide in pocket, which features a tab button to keep items inside.  This pocket is 8.5 by 8.5 inches. 

Media / Smartphone Headphone Port 

Above the organizer pocket is the bag's media port.  This allows you to place your iPhone, iPod, smartphone, or MP3 player into your Tour Bag, leaving only your head phones exposed.  This is a nice feature, recent incidents of expensive iPods and smart phone being snatched out of the hands of travelers on subway and train platforms have been reported.

Main Storage Compartment

Ipad / Media Tablet / E-Reader Security Storage Pocket

On the inside wall of the main compartment is a padded tablet storage pocket.  This iPad / tablet storage compartment holds tablets up to 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall.  The compartment secures with an elastic and Velcro strap.The compartment is fully lined and padded for protection.

Zippered Internal Security Compartment

Located inside the main compartment, opposite the media tablet pocket is a large zippered security compartment. This is the most secure compartment of the bag and is 7 inches wide by 5 .5 inches tall.

Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID Protection

Outside Storage and Organization Compartments

Rear Zippered Security Compartment

On the back side of the Tour Bag (side worn against the body) is a zippered security pocket 8 inches wide by 5.4 inches deep.

Side Umbrella or Water Bottle Pocket

Located on one side of the Security Tour Bag is a zippered, mesh pocket which expands to hold a small umbrella or small water bottle. When not used, the pocket zips up and the compartment is held close to the bag.  





Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag with RFID Protection

Material:  900 D. Nylon
Size: 11" x 9.5" x 3" 
Strap Length:  22" - 44" 
Strap Drop Length:10" - 22" 

Video 1 - Demonstration of the Travelon Security Tour Bag

Video 2 - Demonstration of the Travelon Security Tour Bag