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Compression Bags 3-Pak
  • Compression Bags 3-Pak
  • Compression Bags
  • Compression Bags

Compression Bags 3-Pak

Model: 17007CC00

In stock


In stock

Travel Compression Bags

Compression Packing Bags -- Set of 3 Bags

Pack More and Organize Your Clothes!  

Compression Packing Bags help you maximize the space in your luggage. No more concerns about having too many bags and paying for excess baggage. The bags are a solution for wet or dirty clothes and are helpful for your return trip when you may be bringing home purchased items. 

Airport Security Friendly
These  transparent bags help expedite today's airport security screening process by allowing TSA agents to quickly examine your luggage contents. No one will handle your personal clothing.

Easy to Use
Easy to use - simply pack, zip and roll! Air expels through one-way valve. Place clothing into bag, seal, and roll to move air out of one way valve system. Now you've maximized your packing space by eliminating the air in your bag!


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                          austin house compression bags, compression packing bags, luggage bags, packing cubes, airtight bags, waterproof, clear packing bags, luggage organizers

austin house compression bags, compression packing bags, luggage bags, packing cubes, airtight bags, waterproof, clear packing bags, luggage organizers    

 Select a compression bag  Put clothes in & roll out air  Compressed item

Less is More

Save up to 75% packing space per bag. These bags are ideal for compressing  bulky items such as: jackets, sweat shirts, coats, and socks.

Travel Compression Bags FAQ's

The following are questions and answers about travel compression bags.

Are Compression Bags ready for use?
Yes they are - simply remove the bags from the box, select the right size bag for the job, place the items then zip and roll.  The air in the bag will be pushed out of the bottom valve as you roll the bag.

Are compression bags TSA compliant?
Yes, travel compressions bags are US Government TSA compliant for use in your checked or carry on luggage.  They are see-through and contain no metal which would cause delay during screening station scanner checks.

Are compression bags reusable?  Will they wear out?
Austin House Compression Bags are made of triple laminated heavy duty polyethylene and nylon. They are extra-tough and resistant to tears or punctures. There are no mechanical parts to wear out and can be reused hundreds of times.  The bags are guaranteed for one year.

Can I wash compression bags?
Yes, wash in mild detergent and line dry out of the sun. If dust or sand gets in the zip lock style zipper, run water through it to remove any dirt.

Can food be stored in the bag?
These bags are not intended for food use.

Can I keep my clothes wrinkle-free in the compression bags?
Yes. When clothes are folded and placed neatly in the bag, they will compress neatly. You will discover for yourself many ways to prevent wrinkling the more you use the bag.

How long can I store my belongings in compression bags?
Compression bags are designed to perfectly protect your possessions for many months. All bulky items should be taken out and shaken at least once a year before repacking to restore the loft.

Do I need a vacuum cleaner to remove air from the compression bags?
No, these compression bags are designed to be used on the road and require no vacuum. You simply roll the air out of the one-way valve to create up to 75% more space in your suitcase or backpack.

What is the best way to compress items in the travel compression bags?
Simply fold the items to the approximate size of the bag. Place the items in the compression bag. Seal the zip, using the easy close slider, and roll the trapped air out from the valve end of the bag. After one roll, turn the bag over and roll again. This method literally shrinks your bulky items by removing the air to triple the available packing space.

Compression Bags Sizes / Specifications   

Each Compression Packing Bag set includes three bags.  

(1) Medium Bag:  15 3/4" wide by 23 3/4"  long
(2) Large Bags:   19 3/4" wide by 27 1/2" long

  • Material:            Polyethylene, Nylon

  • Manufacturer:     Austin House

  • Model Number:   17007CC00

  • UPC Number      6701202799

Compression Bags - Features: 


  • 3 pack set

  • Pack more in less space

  • Compress bulky items

  • Transparent design for easy visibility

  • Durable and reusable

  • Protects against dirt, insects, moisture and odors

  • Great for dirty or wet clothes

  • Stow in luggage, gym bag, luggage, or drawer

  • Air expels through one-way valve