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Motion Detection Bag Alarm

Motion Detection Bag Alarm

Model: SE-0304OR

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In stock

The Doberman Personal Alarm with Bag Protector-One Device with Two Types of Security!

A Personal Alarm and Motion Detector Alarm for Bags or Luggage

  • Personal alarm

  • Motion sensitive setting to protect bags

  • 100 decibel alarm

  • Water resistant

  • Battery included

Keep this alarm clipped to your belt, bag, purse, or simply carry it in your hand.  When you feel the need, simply pull the top of the personal alarm to activate the ear splitting 100 decibel alarm to bring attention to a situation. Or clip the alarm to your unattended bag and activate the motion sensor to protect your valuables.

What makes this Doberman Personal Alarm different from other personal safety alarms is its innovative design also includes a motion detector alarm to protect personal items from theft.

Think of the Bag Protector Alert as a car alarm for your luggage, backpack, travel bag, or laptop case.  Sudden motion will cause the portable motion alarm to give an audible warning beep.  If the vibration stops within 3 seconds the portable motion alarm does not go off, if the motion continues, the alarm blares for 20 seconds until the bag or the alarm is placed in a fixed position again.

How the Personal Alarm Emergency Pull Pin Works

The Personal Alarm has an emergency “pull-pin” alarm feature which you can instantly activate in an emergency.  

You simply yank the Personal Alarm from its clip, causing the piercing alarm to activate immediately. If you no longer need the alarm, simply re-insert the pull-pin at the top of the unit and the alarm will stop. This is a very useful feature for the solo traveler, especially women. This personal alarm's security  “pull-pin” feature is for quick activation when you feel threatened or need to bring attention in case of an emergency.

Bag Protector Alert Alarm Feature

When either the emergency alarm or its motion detector feature is activated, it emits a truly ear splitting alarm that was specifically designed to bring attention to your location, or the item being protected.  When the alarm is activated, it can only be turned off by entering in the pass code.

The Personal Alarm and Bag Protector emits a security alarm at 100 decibels, but it’s not necessarily the volume that makes it so noticeable as much as the type of alarm.  A jet plane at 100 feet away is 130 dB, to give you a reference, but anyone who hears this alarm coming from whatever they are holding will definitely drop it immediately. There is no way to stop the alarm unless the bag is put down and becomes motionless.

Personal Alarm Construction

The Bag Protector Alert Motion Alarm is constructed from rugged impact and weather resistant molded plastic. The bag alarm is also water resistant for use in light rain, mist or dew.

How the Bag Protector Alert Motion Alarm Works

The Bag Protector Alert Luggage Alarm works by clipping the alarm unit onto your bag. Once the Bag Protector Alert is in place and in its final resting spot, the portable alarm can be activated. 

The face of the Bag Protector features a keypad with 4 easy to press rubber buttons, which are used for the arming and disarming of the Bag Protector.

Once you set your own code of choice (entered upon inserting batteries), you can easily arm it by pressing "S" twice. Disarming it is easy by entry of your chosen four digit code.

Any type of motion (other than fluid motion) will cause the portable motion alarm to give an audible  warning beep.  If the vibration stops within 3 seconds the portable motion alarm returns to "armed" mode. If the motion continues, the alarm will blare for 20 seconds until the bag or the alarm is placed in a fixed position again.

To minimize false alarms sounding with every movement, the Bag Protector Alert Alarm provides a three seconds grace for you to key in the 3-digit PIN alarm cancel code.  If the disturbance stops, the unit goes back to standby.

These three seconds also allow you to enter the alarm’s pin number so the device can be disarmed without it going into full-alarm mode. If the protected item is being touched several times, or is moved from its location, the motion sensor will trigger the 100 decibel alarm, alerting your and/or bystanders to the possible threat to your valuables.

Use the Bag Protector Alert Motion Detector Alarm During Long Airport Layovers

Being stuck at an airport while in transit is more than enough to drive anyone nuts. More often than not, you will most probably want to close your eyes and get some shuteye.

If you're traveling alone, this is practically impossible to do without risking your bags being taken away while you are snoozing. The Bag Protector Alert Luggage Alarm remedies this, as it will emit its 100-decibel alarm sound should somebody try to snatch it away.

Additional Uses for the Bag Protector Alert Alarm

The Bag Protector Alert Motion Alarm can be used as a security alarm to protect a variety of items from theft.  If you can hook the bag Protector Portable Alarm to it, you can alarm it.  The following are just a few items which the portable alarm can be used to protect:

  • Tents – Unauthorized entry while away

  • Medicine Containers

  • Day Packs

  • Back Packs

  • Outdoor Sporting Goods

  • Gym Bags

  • Travel bags

  • Luggage

  • School Bags

  • Computer Bags

  • Camera Bags

  • Equipment Cases

  • Camping Gear

Use the Bag Protector Alert Alarm to Protect Multiple Items

If you have ever ended up with several bags or pieces of luggage, how can you safeguard them in a transient or unsecured environment?  You can now protect several bags by running a thin chain or wire looped through your baggage handles with both ends secured by the bag Protector Alert Alarm.

If you are looking for an additional layer of security to help safeguard your travel bag, backpack, laptop bag, or other portable object, this portable bag alarm is a device you should consider, especially if you will be visiting international countries where theft is a problem.

Bag Protector Alert Portable Motion Detector Alarm Battery Power

The bag Protector Portable Motion Alarm is powered by two CR2032 batteries which are enclosed by a screw-in cover located on the back of the unit. 

Special Note: The Bag Protector Alert Alarm works great for any type of item that would be picked up and carried away, such as a day pack, travel bag, purse, luggage, camera bag, or other type bag.  However, if the alarm is placed on a roller type bag, the alarm may not activate if the bag is rolled in one fluid motion.  The Bag Protector is triggered by sensitive back-forth vibration – even causing a alarm signal with the slightest tap.

The Bag Protector Portable Motion Alarm is an effective and affordable portable motion alarm. 

Bag Protector Alert Alarm Specifications

Weight:  105 grams
Length:  9″ long
Special Feature:  Water resistant
Color:  Orange
Model Number: SE-0304OR
UPC Code No. 1 85535 00053 1