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ProSafe 750 TSA Key Card Lock  (2-Pak)
  • ProSafe 750 TSA Key Card Lock  (2-Pak)
  • Pacsafe Prosafe 750 Key Card Lock

Pacsafe ProSafe 750 TSA Key Card Lock (2-Pak)

Model: PE271BK

In stock


In stock

Pacsafe ProSafe 750 TSA Accepted Key-Card Lock- Twin Pack

Now you have another choice to lock your luggage or other items without a key or combination or lock - a key card. The advantages of a key card lock is that you don't have to keep extra keys with you and you don't have to remember any code -the ProSafe 750 uses a key-card locking mechanism to unlock.

The ProSafe 750 Lock is Easy to Use

Just swipe the card to unlock – there’s no need to remember a combination or use a key! This is not a mag strip card which can be demagnetized or scratched.

A thin slot on the narrow edge of the lock accepts a plastic key card (much like a hotel room door key) that has a discrete hole pattern punched into it. When the correctly coded card is pressed into the slot, the lock is opened.

The design makes the lock virtually pick-proof, and eliminates the need to carry tiny metal keys or memorize a combination. To lock it, simply press shackle to close. 

ProSafe 750 TSA Key Card Lock

Many Uses for the ProSafe 750 TSA Approved Key Card Travel Lock

The Prosafe 750 Key Card Lock can be used to secure a variety of items, including: 

ProSafe 750 TSA Key Card Lock

  • Luggage Zippers (the lock is TSA approved)
  • Daypacks / Backpack Zippers
  • Purse Zippers
  • Carry-on Bags
  • Gym Bags 





The ProSafe 750 Key Card Lock is a Travel Sentry Approved Lock 

This TSA lock can be opened and relocked by airport Transport Security Administration (TSA) agents in all US commercial airports during baggage inspection.

tsa lock travel lock

The TSA screeners have a special access tool that allows them to open TSA-accepted padlocks in the event bags must be opened for inspection. They no longer need to cut locks or force the bag open and risk damaging it.

The Travel Sentry luggage security system is in use at hundreds of airports around the world. The system has been implemented at every U.S. airport. In addition to the USA, USA territory and the UK, Japan is also using the system.                               

 For more information on TSA or for different types of TSA luggage locks & their unique functions, please click here!     


ProSafe 750 Key Card Lock Twin Pack Specifications

  • Includes two locks and two key cards (each card will open each lock)

  • Lock Dimensions: 1.1x2.7x0.4 in / 2.9x7x1 cm

  • Weight: 1.55 oz / 44g

  • Model Number: PE271BK

  • UPC Code Number:  688334003043

Video Demonstration of the ProSafe 750 TSA Card Lock