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StashSafe 100 GII Waist/ Hip Pack
  • StashSafe 100 GII Waist/ Hip Pack
  • Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII
  • Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII
  • Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII
  • Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII
  • Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII
  • Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII

Pacsafe StashSafe 100 GII Waist/ Hip Pack

Model: PB024

In stock


In stock

PacSafe's Stashsafe 100 GII is a Mid-sized Anti-theft Waist Pack 

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The StashSafe 100 GII by PacSafe is the ultimate anti-theft hip pack, waist pack.  What makes this fanny pack unique is that it is slash proof, includes a concealed belt buckle, and features lockable zippers. The pack can also be locked to a secure fixture.

This new generation StashSafe 100 also includes an RFID blocking pocket to protect your chip enabled passports and credit cards from digital  pickpockets.This is the ultimate security waist pack.

Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII - A Fanny Pack with a Comfort Design

The back of the StashSafe 100 GII waist pack is padded for comfort and incorporates a soft, breathable, honeycomb-like backing that allows the material to breathe. Under the honeycomb material is the layer of thin foam providing a slight cushion.

Need Extra Length? 

The Pacsafe Stash Safe 100 GII fits hip size: 30.5" - 40.9" ( 77.5- 104 cm ). If you need a bit more length, a belt extender designed specifically for this pack adds up to 10 more inches. Select model #99-stash 100, only one that fits this pack click here.

Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Organizational Features

The PacSafe StashSafe 100 GII has three pockets and will comfortably hold a phone, digital camera media player, keys and small wallet. 

The multiple pocket feature allows you to place the items needing "extra security" in the pockets closest to your body.

Outside Zippered Compartment 

The zippered compartment on the outside of the fanny pack is 6 inches tall and 10 inches wide. 

The pocket lays flat. but can expand 3 inches in depth. Sewn against  the front side of this compartment is a zippered mesh pocket which measures 4 inches in height and 6 inches wide.  

Inside Main Zippered Compartment of the Stashsafe 100 GII Fanny Pack      

The main security pocket, which also includes a moisture proof liner, holds the most items and provides the best protection for your valuables.  The compartment is 6 inches tall at its highest point (waist pack has a crescent moon shape), 10 inches wide, and expands approximately to 3 inches deep.

Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Anti-Theft Features

Exomesh Protective Mesh Slashproof Panels 

The embedded eXomesh is a slash-proof, flexible, high tensile stainless steel wire mesh that is woven through the front and bottom panels of the Pacsafe stashsafe fanny pack. This creates a mesh cage to protect your valuables from bag slicers.

Zipper Lock that Locks

The StashSafe 100 GII has a built-in locking system so you can lock one or both of the zippered compartments for peace of mind knowing only you can unlock them.

Snatchproof Security Clip 

This clever feature allows you to anchor the hip pack to a secure fixture if you need to leave it alone.Simply lock the StashSafe 100 GII waist pack around a secure object like a lounge chair, tree, or other fixed object.  Make sure to always lock your zippers when using this feature.The Pacsafe Stash Safe 100 GII is now a portable safe protecting your valuables.

Cut-Proof Strap

Embedded in the entire length of the rear strap of the Pacsafe StashSafe 100 GII fanny pack are two flexible, high tensile, stainless steel wires.The 
wires do not impact comfort but are designed to thwart attempted cut and run thefts.
Hidden Rear Security Buckle Cover

The Stashsafe 100 GII's buckle is on the side of the pack, not the back, and is protected and hidden by a Velcro ballistic cover so only you can open it. 

RFID Blocking

RFIDSafe - Protects your financial and personal information from data  thieves

RFID blocking, pacsafe, Pac Safe

Did you know thieves are able to electronically access your personal information without you even knowing? Scary, right? Well, the StashSafe 100 GII features Pacsafe's award-winning RFID-blocking material. Inside the main compartment of the pack is a PacSafe RFIDsafe™ pocket for storing your credits card and passport so that they are shielded from thieves with RFID readers. 

Built into one of the pockets is the RFIDsafe-blocking material which will safeguard your credit cards and passport from RFID readers used by identity thieves.


Pacsafe StashSafe 100 GII Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 2.5" (25x15x6 cm.)

  • Volume: 134 cubic inches (2.2 liters)

  • Fits hip size: 77.5- 104 cm / 30.5 - 40.9 in   (an extension strap is available for purchase if needed)

  • Weight: 10.6 oz / 300g

  • Volume: 2.2 L / 134.2 in3

  • Model No. PB024BK   Black

  • Material Nylon 420 denier HD mini-ripstop - Moisture-proof liner

  • Warranty:  Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

Waist Sizes

The Pacsafe Stash Safe 100 GII fits hip size: 30.5" - 40.9" ( 77.5- 104 cm ). If you need a bit more length, a belt extender designed specifically for this pack adds up to 10 more inches. Select model #99-stash 100, only one that fits this pack  click here. 

StashSafe 100 GII Padlock – Included

Each Pacsafe StashSafe 100 fanny pack comes with (1) solid steel 20 mm padlock with hardened steel shackle, and (3) keys.

Material and Care of the Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 GII Waist Pack

The StashSafe’s outside material is made of 1200 Denier - Ripstop Nylon.  It has a soft to touch feel, similar to that of a nylon parka.  The outside material is water-resistant and allows for spot cleaning with warm water and mild detergent.

To view a quick video of the StashSafe 100 GII, click the photo below.