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RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet
  • RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet
  • RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet - open
  • RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet
  • RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet - Black Back

RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet

Model: AL5A

In stock


In stock

The Original Ogon RFID Blocking Aluminum Card Case (credit card size) The Wallet that Says Good-Bye to RFID Thieves

RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side WalletThe Ogon Wallet is not only a sleek modern looking wallet but also offers protection for your cards from electronic pick pockets with RFID skimmers or readers.

The aluminum casing protects your cards from being read by radio-frequency-identification (RFID) technology, a new technology made to speed up transactions, but can also allow potential thieves access to your information. 

The new and revolutionary concept from Sweden that allows you to carry your essentials in a pocket size: papers, credit cards, identity card, and cash (folded up).  This wallet offers maximum protection in a compact aluminum shell that combines resistance and lightness. 

Exterior Features of the Ogon RFID Blocking Wallet

The Ogon RFID Blocking Wallet’s provides maximum protection in a sleek and light, yet compact and strong aluminum shell. The outside shell is made from along wearing brushed anodized aluminum material.  This aluminum shell provides the RFID protection, as well as great security for your cards from slipping out of the case.  Under the aluminum shell is a rigid ABS plastic interior liner. 

Interior Storage Features Ogon RFID Blocking Wallet

RFID Blocking Aluminum Hard Side Wallet

Each Ogon RFID Wallet features a very handy display, thanks to the wallet’s built-in, open fan-design for interior pockets. This allows you to have quick and handy access to your cards in a glance.

The open fan design has seven expandable divider pockets and holds up to 15 cards which protect the cards' magnetic strips and from RFID readers. The dividers are made of tear-resistant PVC- so you never have to buy those clear credit card windows again!  

Modern Sleek Design for Both Men and Women

rfid, RFID blocking

The Ogon RFID Card Wallet is designed for either men or women. It features a sleek modern design that is both compact and lightweight, and is capped off with a brushed anodized aluminum material giving it a modern techno look.

The wallet more modern design provides the same RFID-blocking function as other RFID blocking wallets, yet is easily slips into a man’s or women’s shirt/pants pocket, or is easily found in a purse (thanks to its flashy colors).

If you’re looking for something durable, simple, eye-catching, and safe, the OGON RFID Blocking Aluminum Wallet may be the one for you. 

RFID Protection Information - How this wallet protects your identity & personal and financial information. Click here to read more


What’s the difference between the Ogon Aluminum Wallet and the cheaper Aluminum Wallet you see on TV and in the Store for $9.99?

Great question, with one great age old answer – you get what you pay for.  The cheaper aluminum wallet you see on TV, eBay, the Internet, and swap meets, may look just like the Ogon RFID Wallet, but when you remove it from the packaging, look at it closely and you will quickly see the differences between a “knock off” and the original high quality wallet.  





Product Specifications of the Ogon RFID Blocking Wallet

  • Size:  4.3" x 3" x .67" 
  • Linear Inches: 7.97"
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Material: Anodized aluminum outer shell, ABS plastic interior; and PVC divider
  • Colors: Black, Silver, or Blue
  • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturer's defects offered by the manufacture – Compare that against other knock off wallets! 
  • UPC Code Black: 3760127775997
  • UPC Code Silver: 3760127775966
  • UPC Code Blue:   3760127774105  

Product Features of the Ogon RFID Blocking Wallet

  • Metallic wallet completely replaces the 20th century leather wallet. 
  • Protection from RFID thieves - Tested to reduce the risk of ID theft.
  • Holds up to 14 cards in seven expandable divider pockets.
  • Open fan-shaped compartments allow easy access to each card.
  • Click-button for easy closing and opening.
  • Great combination of resistance and lightness with a cool and sleek design.
  • Smooth front and ribbed back of case provides a better grip when held.
  • OGON Designs is the original aluminum wallet from Sweden.
  • Excellent protection of data chips in the cards from electro-magnetic radiation. 
  • Water-resistant material. 
  • Anodized aluminum outer shell, ABS plastic interior; and PVC divider.


Video Review of the Ogon RFID Aluminum Wallet