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RFID Blocking Cash & Card Sleeve

RFID Blocking Cash & Card Sleeves

Model: 72488

In stock


In stock

Leather RFID Blocking Cash and Card Sleeve - Slim Line Design rfid, RFID blocking

You lock your car, and your house, why not lock your personal data as well?  This RFID card case prevents unauthorized RFID access to your personal information.  It effectively blocks access to your personal data and safeguards your information from unauthorized scanning – also known as “electronic pickpocketing.” It's a slim design so you wear it in your front pocket or slide it into your coat comfortably.

The RFID Blocking Cash and Card Case is perfect for anyone who wants additional security for their new RFID enabled credit cards, Passport ID Card or driver's license. Additionally, the RFID Blocking Card Case can be used to protect digital information embedded in a variety of RFID enabled cards such as:

  • All new contactless credit cards
  • US Passport Cards
  • Enhanced Driver's Licenses such as Washington, Michigan, New York, and Vermont
  • Many transit cards such as the DC Metro and Boston Charlie™ card
  • sQuid cards used in Europe 
RFID Blocking Cash & Card Sleeve RFID Blocking Cash & Card Sleeve

RFID Blocking Cash & Card Sleeve


 Front View

Back View 

 Inside View of Cash Pocket

Travelon RFID Blocking Cash and Card Sleeve Organizational Features:

3 card slots
1 slip pocket
Clear view ID window
Holds folded bills

RFID Cash and Card Sleeve Looks & Functions Like a Regular Card Wallet

The Travelon RFID Cash and Card Sleeve looks just like any other wallet however, embedded between the leather, is a RFID protective layer that prevents RFID scanners from accessing your cards data.  The wallet features 3 card slots, a slip pocket and one ID window plus an internal pocket for bills and receipts.  

Prevents "Electronic Pickpocketing" of RFID Chips Embedded in New Credit Cards and Drivers Licenses

rfid, RFID blocking

The recent change in credit cards is the embedded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, enabling what the industry calls "contactless payments." The apparent benefits of RFID credit card transactions are convenience, speed and the elimination of employee contact with the card. This technology also allows an RF enabled card to be "hi-jacked" by use of an unauthorized RFID scanner, and then the information used for fraudulent purposes. RFID scanners are readily available hand held devices used by tech savvy identity thieves.

That is where the use of the RFID Blocking Card Case comes into play.  By placing your RF enabled cards into this case, they are protected from being “electronically pickpocketed". 

To read more about RFID and why you need to protect your identity, click here.


RFID Blocking Cash and Card Sleeve Specifications: 

  • Model No. 72488
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 5” x 3.5”
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Color: Black 
  • UPC Code:025732013616  

CA Residents: "Prop 65" labeling

Demonstration of the RFID Blocking Card and Cash Sleeve with ID Window