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RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet
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  • RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet
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RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

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In stock


In stock

RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

RFID Front Pocket Wallet - Chiropractors Love It - Pickpockets Hate It

Sometimes great ideas come in unexpected shapes. The RFID Front Pocket Wallet is the only wallet with a revolutionary curved shape which is meticulously designed to function in anergonomic, practical manner to solve all the drawbacks of a traditional mens rear pocket wallet, and protects your identity with RFID shielding!

Designed to fit comfortable and perfectly in the front pocket of your pants, it's innovative, comfortable, and ergonomic design is fast becoming the front pocket of choice for minimalists and back pain sufferers, making it the ideal everyday wallet for anyone on the go.   

Carrying your wallet in your front pocket makes sence for two main reasons, in particular because doing so alleviates back pain caused by sitting on a traditional wallet, as well as to keep your wallet safe from pickpockets.This unique front pocket wallet was born when a chiropractor told a patient this backache was coming from sitting on a thick wallet. That patient then invented an extremely slim, ¼" thick, flexible wallet, which is shaped to fit the front pockets of slacks, trousers and jeans.

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet RFID Wallet Interior Features  

The Rogue Wallet has the capacity to hold everything you need: license, currency, business cards, metro cards and credit cards. This design opens up at the top (the portion with the curved edge) like a standard billfold and allows the user to place money and receipts as required in a lined pocket. 

Credit Card Storage 

The Rogue RFID Front Pocket Wallet features three slots for credit cards. Additionally, underneath these slots is a hidden pocket which can store an additional 5 to 6 cards if needed. Many customers now carry a dozen cards in their wallets, because there is space underneath the ID holder as well, however, to some extent this starts to defeat the essence of the slim design if too many cards are stored within the wallet.  

ID Storage Area

Rogue RFID Blocking Wallet, rfid, front pocket wallet

The RFID Front Pocket Wallet features an ID storage area which features a rigid, clear plastic window which allows the ID to be seen without having it removed.

Additionally this ID window features a thumb slide feature which allows the user to easily remove the ID card if needed. This is a really nice feature as most people can attest that trying to pull a license out of an ID pocket window of many wallets can be difficult.

Currency Storage

The Rogue RFID Front Pocket Wallet fits US dollar bills in lengthwise like a regular wallet. The bills do not peek over the curved edge. The wallet has also been tested with most international currencies and is deep enough to safely store them as well.

RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

Note: The Rogue RFID Wallet must go thru the TSA scanning process, even if the wallet it empty. The RFID shielding material will immediately trigger the alarms found in a metal detecting device.

Prevents "Electronic Pickpocketing" of RFID Chips Embedded in new Credit Cards and Drivers License

Many credit cards now are embedded wtih Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, enabling what the industry calls "contactless payments."

The apparent benefits of RFID credit card transactions are convenience, speed and the elimination of employee contact with the card. However, this technology has now inspired small handheld devices that can read RFID enable cards through wallets and purses  via a process called skimming to capture your credit card information for fraudulent purposes.

By placing your RF enabled cards into this RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet they are protected from being “hi-jacked” by an unauthorized person. 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Shielded Wallet Information 

The RFID Front Pocket Wallet contains an exclusive Vault RFID shielding material in the wallet lining.

The Rogue Front Pocket Wallet contains an exclusive  RFID shielding material in the wallet’s lining stops an RFID reader from reading embedded RFID tags on credit cards. When the wallet is closed, the contents are entirely protected against unscrupulous digital pick pockets trying to "skim" your data.

The Rogue Vault RFID Wallet thwarts this electronic theft with a three layered electronic shield which is built directly into the wallet lining. This shield has been laboratory tested and is approved by the Federal Information Processing Standards, also known as FIPS 201. FIPS 201 is a new military grade compliance standard for government employees for blocking RFID signals when used in information safety sensitive jobs.   FIPS 201 approved products block RF energy from activating and cloning data from cards containing RFID chips such as those contained within newly issued credit cards.  

RFID Protection Information - How this wallet protects your identity & personal and financial information. Click here to read more

Front Pocket RFID is Good for Your Comfort and Security 

The  RFID blocking front pocket wallet wears like a second skin as you sit, stand and walk, so it's ideal for everyday use. Likewise, the front pocket wallet will not weigh the pocket down, nor will it appear obtrusive when carried in the chest pocket of sport and suit jackets.

Thieves Hate it - A Pickpocket's Nightmare

When the wallet was invented, making an anti-pickpocket wallet was never a thought that crossed his mind, however, since he was so focused on making the wallet fit as low in the front pocket in order to provide relief to back problems, magically it’s design was quickly discovered to be a pickpocket’s nightmare for two reasons.  

First, since the wallet’s curved design causes it naturally fall to the lowest portion of the pocket, it is almost impossible to be removed by a pickpocket without ones knowledge – it just sits too deep to be accessible. Second, carrying a wallet in a front pocket puts it in a location where a pickpocket does not expect it to be. Its thin design also makes it nearly invisible when carried in the front pocket.  

Law enforcement, security professionals, as well as professional pickpockets have been telling people for years that the back pocket of your pants is the worst and most unsecured place to carry your wallet.   

The RFID Front Pocket Wallet is great for travels or occasionally visit crowded places known for pickpocket activity.   

rogue rfid wallet

Chiropractors Love it - Ease Back Pain with This Front-pocket Wallet  

When a patient visited his local chiropractor with severe lower back pain several years ago, he didn’t expect the medical advice he was given: “Lose your wallet” his chiropractor told him.

The doctor explained that sitting on a solid inch of plastic, leather and paper over the years had contributed to his patient’s back problems.  

Skeptical at first, the patient took his doctor’s advice. After a week of sitting without a wallet in his back pocket, his lower back pain disappeared.  

no more back painBut then a new problem arose - he still needed a way to carry his license, currency and business cards around. The patient looked at the wallets currently available and didn’t like any of them -so he made one of his own. 

After reviewing some 200 wallet patents, the patient realized that every design was based on a traditional rectangular or square shape. He decided to try something else, and after testing various materials and different angles, he developed an ultra-thin, curved design that matched the contour of a pant’s front pocket. 

The patient, now inventor, took his “front-pocket wallet” prototype back to his chiropractor for advice. He knew he had a great idea that would help people with back trouble when his doctor immediately ordered a large number of wallets to sell to his other patients – thus the Rogue back pocket wallet was born.  

Why you should consider switching to the RFID Front Pocket Wallet  

Take a few seconds to answer the below questions and you will quickly see why the solution is at hand - close at hand, as close as your front pocket in fact.  

  • How many times have you removed your wallet from your back pocket in the car in order to have a more comfortable ride- and then left it on the front seat when you got out?
  • How often have you had to hunt your wallet down all over the house because you remove it from your back pocket every time you sit down?
  • How many times have you wondered whether that fat wallet you’re sitting on could possibly be the cause of your back pain?
  • How many times have you heard that pickpockets stole someone’s wallet from their back pocket?  

RFID Blocking Front Pocket WalletThis front-pocket wallet is designed to save your back and your disposition - and you can tell by its unusual shape that it’s styled to slip conveniently right down into any regular front pocket, found on slacks, and jeans.

It’s also designed to stay thin, and you can fill it up with  cards and receipts without fattening it up. It contains slits for credit cards, a window for your driver’s license, and a slot for bills. 

Revolutionary RFID Front Wallet Wallet Design   

The RFID Front Pocket Wallet’s revolutionary curved shape looks different from all other wallets. Shaped with a crescent on one side, its design follows the curved stitch inside a front pocket - essentially the Rogue Wallet’s design is the same pattern as the interior pocket.
This unique design provides two significant benefits. One, sitting on a traditional rear pocket brick of a wallet is really not good for your back; and two, by putting it in your front pocket and having the curve follow the contour of your pants pocket, it is almost impossible to loose or be removed by pickpockets. 

Peerless workmanship and finish, combined with quality materials and heavy duty nylon stitching make it a wallet that's well worth owning. 

The outside of the wallet features extra tough, smart looking ballistic nylon, which was initially developed for WWII flak jackets to protect against flying shrapnel. The inside of the wallet features 100% genuine cowhide leather.

The RFID Front Pocket Wallet can be worn in either the right or left hand front pocket with the curved edge facing outward. 

Unconditional Guarantee   

The Rogue RFID Front Pocket Wallet has an unconditional two year guarantee. The manufacturer stands behind this RFID wallet. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it within two years of purchase for your choice of a full refund or product exchange. Compare that guarantee against that of other RFID wallets on the market today. 

RFID Wallet Frequently Asked Questions 

Will this material wear out?  
No, it is designed to last for years of use.

The RFID material in the wallet looks like paper.
It looks like paper because it is paper. But layered in between two external coats of paper is a very thin metallic layer of the patented FIPS 201 approved RFID shielding material.
How can I tell if I have an RFID tag in one of my cards?
RFID tags are used in a number of personal identification cards including government ID cards, numerous credit cards (like the Chase Bank Card), building access cards, and e-passports and drivers licenses. If you “beep” your card without it touching the reader at your office building, the grocery store, the airport, and a growing number of other places, your card is being wireless activated and contains RFID technology.

Can an RFID signal go through things like leather, vinyl and clothing?
Yes, that is exactly why the RFID shield is a smart security precaution.
How far away can a smart credit card embedded with an RFID chip be read?
Some reports have shown that information can be "skimmed" from up to 30 feet away.
Who is most vulnerable to this type of ID theft?
People who live in urban areas and frequent public places like coffee shops, airports or commuter trains, for example.    

Will this RFID shielding material really work?
The maker of the Rouge Front Pocket Wallet visited the laboratory where the RFID Shield is made. They personally observed the testing of the material that proved its viability.

All testimonials are genuine, unsolicited, and unpaid 

"This new design puts the wallet comfortably in the front pocket and in many cases considerably reduces back pain within days."
Dr. Joseph M. Kerwin, Chiropractor
Past President, Maine Chiropractic Association
"I have enjoyed my original wallet so much; I'm calling back to order 2 more in a different style! I enjoy your products very much."

Abram Weisbrot, Walnut, CA
"After wearing the same wallet for 30 years - this new Rogue Wallet is a great wallet! It came in the mail quickly, and I'm very pleased. "
Ira Ostroll, Kulpmont, PA

"About thirty years ago, the Los Angeles Times had a short item about an orthopedic surgeon who said that he cured half of his male patients with back surgery. The other half got well after switching their wallets to side pockets. Since that time, I have never sat on a wallet, but your Rogue was the perfect solution two years ago. A marvelous way to avoid sciatic nerve pain.
Jim Hamra, Phoenix, AZ

"This is the best wallet I have ever bought!"
Kahlil Sheikh, Hollywood, CA
"I love the design of this wallet. You have a customer for life! "
Brian Simpson, Philadelphia, PA
"I LOVE my new wallet!"
Kyle McNew, Honolulu, HI
"I saw the Rogue wallet and put it on my Christmas list and low and behold my sister-in-law bought it for me. I feel like I've had a knife jabbing me in my thigh for 40 years and now, suddenly, it's gone. It's awesome. It's going to take some getting used to feeling like my wallet isn't in my pocket!"
Steve Jones

"Just received my new wallet. I like it very much. I hardly know that I am carrying my wallet. Sometimes I have to take a double take to make sure that I have it on me. It is a nice quality wallet and I am happy that I purchased this product. Also, thanks for the quick service.
Tom Fortier, Sterling, VA
"Tell everyone I love my new wallet. I love my Rogue Wallet.  It has taken significant stress off my lower  back.  I was always wearing my wallet in the front pocket any way, but the Rogue Wallet is designed just for this practice. It’s much slimmer and glides easily into the front of my pants. "
David Anderson, Houston, TX

"I had been looking for years, ever since my wallet was stolen on a Madison Avenue bus, for a new wallet. I bought one of yours about three months ago and I find it is just terrific. Fits well and very securely in my left pants pocket. Very creative and ultra smart product."
J.S. Nathanson, Beaumes de Venise, France

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the wallet I purchased. It fits comfortably in my front pocket, is well made, and stylish."
J. Bolsega, Downers Grove, IL

"I purchased a Rogue wallet a few years ago, and absolutely love it. Carrying the wallet in my front pocket is much more comfortable.  It really does make a tremendous difference."
Art Duszynski, IN  

"I do want to say that I have carried a wallet for 45 years of my life and your product is by far my favorite. I have had numerous compliments on it and the quality is exceptional."
Merle Bumgarner, Hickory, NC
"Recently, I purchased a Rogue Wallet. I really like it. It has been very comfortable to have in my front pocket. Sometimes, I forget it is there. I couldn't say that with a wallet in my back pocket. Also, when I travel I always put my wallet in my front pocket. Rogue works well for me."
Art Byrd, Youngstown, OH

Rogue RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet Specifications

  • Outer Material: ballistic nylon
  • Inner Material: leather
  • Colors:  Black or Gun Metal Gray
  • Remarkably thin design makes it only 1/4 of an inch thick when empty, 5/8 of an inch with an average load.
  • The length of the front pocket wallet is 5" inches from the fold to the tip and just over 3" inches wide.
  • Opened, the Rogue Wallet is 10" inches long, so paper currency does not peek above the wallet.
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • UPC Code No. 610074662624

Video Demonstration of the RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

Note: our wallet is ballistic nylon on the outside and leather on the inside, it is not all leather as shown in video