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RFID Blocking Zip-Top Travel Wallet

Model: 87009

In stock


In stock

Microfiber: $16.95
 Leather: $26.95

Travel Security Wallet RFID Blocking Zippered Travel Wallet 


This clever design is big on features! Keep your cash, coins, card and even your phone secure in this top zippered travel wallet. Any savvy traveler knows that carrying a wallet in the back pocket is a risky move, so this wallet fits in your front pocket too.

Choose either Leather or Microfiber:


Drum-dyed Black Leather

This security waist pack is silky smooth, top grade finished leather which improves with age. It has a soft buttery texture which over time will gracefully absorb minor scratches and nicks enhancing the uniqueness of this natural material.


Microfiber Fabric

The perfect travel fabric, with a smoother look. This is a lightweight super-fine, high density soft material.  The threads used in microfiber are even finer than luxury natural fibers, such as silk, yet they are extremely strong! Microfiber is easy to clean with a damp cloth.It expands to hold your smartphone or small camera, and also features a swivel-clip key holder to provide quick access to keys. 

Main Compartment: The main compartment of this travel wallet is secured with a zipper so its contents stay secure.

Built-In Zippered Change Pocket- Built into the outside of the travel wallet is a zippered side pocket designed for change or frequently used cards. 


Two Key Security Features:


RFID Blocking - Protects Credit Cards 

This security wallet includes an RFID blocking SafePocket™ located in the outer double stitched slide in pocket, which is designed to keep your identity safe from falling into the hands of identity thieves. The protective RFID Blocking technology blocks unauthorized RFID readers from accessing your sensitive personal information embedded in debit and credit cards and/or passport(s).  



DayMakers BeSafe Bag Security Hip Pack with RFID Shielding from Corporate Travel Safety

Locking Zipper Pulls

This purse has a special hook which latches onto the zipper pulls. The hook prevents the zipper(s) from being pulled open by anyone but you. It takes two hands to unhook the catch from the zipper. Professional pickpockets typically are skilled at opening unlocked zippers with one hand while they use the other one to distract you. 




RFID Blocking Travel Security Wallet with Zipper Specifications

Color:         Black
Material:    Microfiber:  $ 16.95
                  Leather:      $ 26.95  

Daymakers BeSafe Bags

 Dimensions: 5" x 3.75" x 0.5"

Weight:  2.5 oz.