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Travel Razor with Built-in Shave Cream
  • Travel Razor with Built-in Shave Cream
  • ShaveMate Travel Razor with Built-in Shaving Cream
  • ShaveMate Travel Razor with Built-in Shaving Cream
  • ShaveMate Travel Razor with Built-in Shaving Cream
  • ShaveMate Travel Razor with Built-in Shaving Cream

ShaveMate Travel Razor with Built-in Shaving Cream

Model: SM1000

In stock


In stock

Space Saving All-in-One Travel Razor with Shaving Cream Inside the Handle - For Men and Women

Looking to pack light and within the TSA carry-on guide lines? This cleverly designed razor dispenses enough shave cream for up to 10 uses from the handle. Quality razor has 6 inline blades for a close shave!

  • Real Shaving Cream Inside Handle
  • 6 Premium Coated Inline Blades for a close and long lasting shave
  • Flex-Neck Technology
  • Aqua-Flow Blade Rinse
  • On/Off Valve Button
  • Non-slip Grip Handle
  • Meets TSA Requirements (many shaving creams don't!)
  • Moisturizing glide strip with soothing Allantoin

Save space in your travel bag with this all-in-one razor, as the Shave Mate does what no other razor can – it dispenses a week’s worth of shaving cream from right inside the handle. Perfect for travelers in who want to travel lighter and a less bulky toiletry bag, the ShaveMate all-in-one razor is the only one of its kind which reduces bulk by including a small compressed can of real foamy shaving cream lubricant built right into the razor's handle. 

This unique design eliminates the need to pack both a razor and a bulky can of shaving cream because this razor stores foamy cream right inside its own handle. This ShaveMate 6 razor is available in both a men's version, the Titan 6, as well as for women, the Diva 6.  Each Shavemate order comes with a total of three razors.



Quality Blades, Razor Head, and Handle Design Help Maximize a Close Shave 

The ShaveMate Titan6 and Diva6 have not have just two, three, or four blades, but six, which are precisely positioned, premium coated in-line blades mounted on each razor head. These blades are slimmer and designed to pivot smoothly to cut those difficult to reach areas, especially under the neck for men, and those tender areas for women under the arm and bikini areas. Each razor head also has its own moisturizing glide strip which is infused with soothing Allantoin and Chamomile for less irritation in order to help get a more smooth and comfortable shave.

Each razor also features S-3 "Flex Neck" Technology that helps maintain even pressure for smoother strokes, making it easy to shave around neck curves, legs, bikini lines and underarms. To help in blade cleanup, the blade head's “Aqua-Flow Blade Rinse” feature helps channel water through the blades for hassle-free cleaning, as well as a non slip handle - everything you need for a quality shave when you are on the road. 

Shaving Cream Built Into the Handle -  No Other Shaver or Shave System Does this!

Designed for lighter packing, the ShaveMate is designed with a small compressed can of shaving cream which is built inside the handle of the razor which at the touch of a a button, shaving cream will be dispensed for you to slather all over your face for an instant shave.

The small and compact design of the handle allows the shave cream to dispense enough cream to last for up to 10 uses. The bottom of the handle features a “on/off” twist lock dispensing cap to avoid shaving cream from making a mess in your bag. The shave cream is specially formulated lanolin-enriched to help provide a more of smooth, comfortable, and closer shave.

Bonus:  Includes Shower Hook

To help easily store the ShaveMate Razor, a shower hook is enclosed in the packaging that allows the 
razor to be mounted easily in the shower or on themirror.

Does it Work? 

Six premium coated blades with built in moisture strip ensure a smooth and close shaving experience. Press the bottom of the handle to dispense the rich shaving cream. Shave Mate is everything you need for shaving in one package.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

The ShaveMate comes with a no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy with this product, simply return it for a refund of the purchase price (minus shipping).  

Q: How many shaves does the ShaveMate Diva6 or Titan6 give before the shaving cream runs out?

A: ShaveMate shaving cream is designed thick so a little goes a long way; you just need to use a small amount for shaving.  ShaveMate Diva6 or Titan6 shaving cream will last for a week or more of great shaves!

Q. How does the shaving cream dispense? 

A: The ShaveMate shaving cream dispenses from the handle at the opposite end of the blades. Simply give your Diva6 or Titan6 a shake, twist the locking cap counter clockwise 90’ to the “ON” position, hold cap side up, push cap down with thumb or index finger to dispense shaving cream.  Cap may be twisted back to lock or “OFF” position when not in use, or to prevent activation when traveling.

Q: How does the clear blade guard come off?
A: To remove the blade guard, hold the ShaveMate Diva6 or Titan6 blade side up and facing you.  With your opposite hand’s thumb and index finger, grab the clear cover on the sides and pull downward toward the handle.  This cover can be reinstalled if desired by carefully placing the cover at the bottom of the blades and pushing it upward until you hear a click.

Q: How does the Shower Hook install?
A: The ShaveMate Shower Hook is easy to install, simply peal off the protective paper exposing the sticky tape, and make sure the hanging tab is at bottom and level.  Push onto any flat surface where you want to hang your ShaveMate Razor.  Furthermore, the Shower Hook can be installed in areas that get wet and can be removed without leaving tape residue.

Q: Can I bring ShaveMate razors on an airplane when I travel?
A: Yes, as of current regulations, ShaveMate Diva6 & Titan6 are allowed in carry-on bags.

Tips from Team ShaveMate on how to get the best performance out of your Travel Razor:

To get a great ShaveMate shave;  Wash your face first.  Make sure your skin is thoroughly wet before applying the shaving cream.  Shaving in the shower is also recommended because the steam and moisture tends to soften the hair.  Remember, ShaveMate shaving cream is thick and rich so, a little will go a long way.

While shaving, rinse the blades often through the Aqua Flow feature that channels the water for easy cleaning.  The premium 6 coated blades and Flex-Neck Technology allows you to shave effortlessly in any direction.  ShaveMate gives you the Comfort, Performance, and convenience you’ve always wanted in a razor!  Enjoy your ShaveMate Shave! 


Titan 6 All-in-One Travel Razor for Men 

  • Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches ; 0.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Origin: Made in USA and Imported
  • UPC: 054883634104
  • Quantity:  Three (3) razors with each order


Diva 6 All-in-One Travel Razor for Women 

  • Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches ; 0.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Origin: Made in USA and Imported
  • UPC: 054883163086
  • Quantity:  Three (3) razors with each order