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Shelves-To-Go Luggage Organizer System
  • Shelves-To-Go Luggage Organizer System
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid
  • Shelves to Go Packing Aid

****Shelves-To-Go Luggage Organizer System

Model: STG-Large

In stock


In stock

Shelves-To-Go Portable Luggage Organizer System for Rollaboard Luggage

Learn the secret that flight attendants and pilots are raving about! 

Take these portable closet shelves -- clothes & all -- with you on the road! It's the time-saving packing system used and endorsed by airline flight crews all across America. Shelves-To-Go Luggage Organizer System is a new "packing concept" for organized and frequent travelers who appreciate an easier way to pack and unpack.

With Shelves To Go, you're basically packing once. Pack your clothes on the Shelves-to-Go unit and then hang it up when you arrive at your destination. When it's time to leave, put the whole unit back in your bag – it’s that simple! These award-winning packable shelves organize your clothes, making them easy to access. The contained design also decreases shifting and creasing of your clothes in transit and eliminates the need to put your things in questionable hotel drawers, and minimizes the chances of leaving things behind.

Fits Most Rollaboards

The Shelves-To-Go packing system fits inside your rollaboard luggage and is designed for the most common rollaboard size which is the 22” inch long rollaboard. 


  • 3 expandable shelves.

  • Pack and unpack in seconds flat!

  • Saves time by eliminating packing and unpacking during your trip.

  • Never use dirty, dusty or possibly infested hotel drawers again!

  • Keeps your clothes from shifting and creasing during travel.

  • Adjustable straps to hang at eye level for easy access.

  • Straps and hooks adjust to hang over a door, closet rod, or wall hook. 

  • Hangs from a closet rod, wall hooks or over a door.

  • No more worrying about left-behind items when you leave!

  • Strong - Holds up to 35lbs (16 kilos) when hanging.

  • Collapses into suitcase and hangs in closet

  • Used and endorsed by flight crews around the world. 

Who Uses Shelves-To-Go

Obviously, anyone who travels would benefit from using this product, however, it does seem to be purchased more by the frequent traveler for business such as a salesperson, flight attendant, pilot, or corporate trainer. Even if you only travel once a month or less, this product can be useful as it makes packing easy and makes your hotel stay simple. This product has had so much success, it is endorsed by flight crews around the world!

Shelves-To-Go are Strong and Built for the Long Hall

The Shelves-To-Go Luggage Organizer was made to last for years to come. In its simplest form, Shelves to Go consists of three lightweight, but rigged shelves, which are made of a polyblend material, reinforced with a steel wire frame. The sturdy lightweight design, allows the shelves to maintains their shape and protects your clothes in and out of the suitcase.

Surrounded on three sides of the frame is a lightweight durable polyester open mesh side panels which are designed for ventilation, as well as to hold your clothes in the shelves when hung up. On each side of the shelves are adjustable straps, which allow the height of the shelves to be adjusted. On the end of the straps are hooks which are made to to go over your closet rod or closet door. The shelves are waterproof, and can be quickly wiped down.

How the Shelves to Go Luggage Organizer Works

  • Hang the empty shelves in closet and pack your clothing.

  • When everything is aboard, unhook from the closet rod and walk over to your rollaboard suitcase. With the suitcase open, align the two and lower the Shelves to Go unit down into the main compartment of your luggage. The organizer will flattens on itself as you lower the straps. Drop the shelves with the clothes and all! -- neatly into your carryon bag.

  • Once you reach your destination, simply lift up the shelves -- clothes and all -- and hang them up in your closet, or can be easily hung over a door!

  • Packing when you leave just takes seconds

  • It actually takes longer to explain it than it does to watch the short video.

Packing Tips for Shelves-To-Go

  • Hang the shelves in your home closet or over a door and fill them with the clothes for your trip.  

  • Drop the shelves, clothes and all, neatly into your luggage.  

  • When you get to your destination, simply lift the shelves out of your bag, clothes and all, and hang them in the closet.

 "Packing has never been easier or more convenient. I rank them up there with built-in suitcase wheels..." S.W., Pilot.

"I saw one that another attendant used, got one of my own, and now I can't live without it."
L.M., Flight attendant.



Shelves-To-Go Specifications

  • 20” wide x 2” high x 12" deep 1.8 lbs 

  • Warranty One year manufacturer's  warranty

  • UPC No. 094922234612

  • Material: Nylon

Video Demonstration of the Shelves to Go Luggage Organizer