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Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags
  • Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags
  • Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags
  • Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags
  • Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags - Contact Information
  • Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags - Ring

Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags

Model: Tude1

In stock


In stock

Tude Tags - Luggage Tags with Attitude

Funny luggage tags with an attitude makes it hard for anyone else to take your bag, whether accidentally or deliberately when collecting your bags from the luggage carousel. High quality and construction keep these tags attached to your luggage, they won't rip off.  These funny luggage tags are available in three separate sayings: "WRONG ONE" , "NOT YOURS" , "HANZZOFF"


Funny Attitude Luggage Tags - Your choice -pick one, or one of each sayings 

You've done it, and you have seen others do it to yours – that is pick up someone else’s luggage by mistake in baggage claim, busy cruise ports, train stations, or busy hotel lobbies – After all it’s almost inevitable with the majority of luggage looking the same.  Now you have an almost full proof way of making sure that no one picks up your luggage by telling them it’s “Not Yours” “Wrong One”  or "HanzzOff"

Besides the fact that these “obviously not yours”  “Tude Tags” luggage tags having very unique, pointed comments woven into them, they also have several quality features to make sure they don’t become separated from your luggage.

 Why You Should Use Tude Tags Funny Luggage Tags

  • They make it easier for you to immediately identify your bag on the carousel.
  • They reduce the chance of someone else accidentally confusing your bag for theirs.
  • If a thief is looking for a bag to steal, he will choose one that he can pretend, if caught, mistakenly thought it was his bag.  Generic plain and unmarked suitcases are stolen much more frequently than distinctively marked ones.
  • If someone is takes your bag with this tag, you have a better chance of identifying it as it is being carried away.

If your bag is lost or misdirected, and someone else is charged with trying to find, Tude Tags make it easier and quicker for the people searching for it to find and identify it in a sea of black luggage.

useful luggage tags

Where "Not Yours" Luggage Tags are Useful

Not Yours, Wrong One  or Hanzzoff luggage tags are not only used to help find your luggage at airport baggage claim carousels, they are also useful when your bags are being transported with tour groups, cruise ships, train travel, early hotel check in/out periods, convention and trade show booths, or any other situation where your bag may be mixed or confused with someone else's. 

Attitude Funny Luggage Tag Ownership / Destination Pocket 

Inside the nylon webbing of the Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tag are two, clear plastic sleeve compartments. The first compartment is made for your ownership / personal information.  On the other side is a place to hold a copy of your current trip itinerary, so that if your bag gets separated from you, the carrier or finder will know where you are so your bag can be forwarded to you. 

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Wrong One Luggage Tags Feature Rugged Construction - Built to Withstand the Airport Luggage Handling Process

Tude Tag funny luggage tags are very robust and are almost indestructible to withstand the rigors of baggage handling systems. 

All Tude Tags are constructed of heavy duty polyester webbing, which is 1 ½ inches wide by 7 inches long, and is embroidered with the statement of your choice.They're virtually indestructible and will not rip off your bag.funny luggage tag

At one end of the Tude Tag is a welded, triangular, steel, no catch ring.  Attached to this ring is a round steel ring, which is then attached to your luggage. 

All aspects of the Tude Tags are designed to be “airport baggage system friendly.” They do not have any sharp edges or anything likely to get caught and mangled in the automatic baggage handling systems at airports, unlike other cheaper plastic or leather strap luggage tags with buckles.


Protect your Luggage and Help the Disadvantaged at the Same Time!

Many times when we buy items we are only concerned with quality and/or price, but now you can make a simple purchase which benefits those who are disadvantaged and are trying to make a difference.  Tude Tags are embroidered by individuals from the “Foundation for the Retarded” which is located in Palm Desert, California.  The individuals who embroider these tags take special care to make sure each one is perfect.  We thank you for helping us help some very special people help themselves. 


Made in USA

Made in USA

Tude Tag Funny Luggage Tags Specifications
  • Material: heavy duty polyester webbing
  • Size: 1 ½" W x 7" L
  • They're virtually indestructible and will not rip off your bag!

Three Funny Luggage Tude Tag Styles Available

  • "HanzzOff" Funny Luggage Tag - Yellow with red letters
  • "Not Yours" Funny Luggage Tag - Yellow with red letters
  • "Wrong One"  Funny Luggage Tag - Yellow with red letters