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Vinni Bag - Protects Wine in Your Bag
  • Vinni Bag - Protects Wine in Your Bag
  • Vinni Bag Inflatable Travel Bag protects bottles when traveling
  • Reusable
  • Protecting breakables

Vinni Bag - Leak and Breakage Protection Bag for Bottles

Model: VB01

In stock


In stock

Keep Your Wine and Spirit Bottles Safe During TravelMade in USA

The VinniBag is a reusable travel bag with inflatable air chambers that protect and insulate wine bottles, other liquids, and fragile items. It’s designed to provide superior protection against impact and leakage, is easy to use, and stores flat, rolled or folded when not in use. 

Traveling with wine, olive oil or just regular toiletries can be awkward at best, disastrous at worst. But whether it’s in your checked suitcase or carry on luggage, the car trunk, a duffel bag or backpack, traveling with wine and other liquids requires protection for the contents as well as the surrounding items. 

Vinni Bag is Compliant with TSA Regulations

Most air flights restrict travel bottle sizes to no more than 3 fluid ounces if you are carrying liquid onto a plane. Any bottles containing more than that are often confiscated. The current TSA U.S regulations in the United States allow passengers to travel with bottles containing up to 5 liters of alcohol between 24% and 70% proof in checked luggage - if it’s in a sealable package. That’s where the protective convenience of the Vinni Bag fragile item protector comes into play.

Vinni Bag is an excellent device to ship wine/liquor with your checked-in luggage. Before 9/11 it was possible to carry on board a few bottles of wine and/or Vinni Bag Travel Wine Bagfine liquors, now passengers are limited to 100cc unless the liquids are bought in the shops or duty free past the security check points.  Carrying more than 100 cl on board a commercial aircraft is strictly forbidden.  The only alternative is to ship any wine or liquor inside the checked luggage which can be a gamble if the wine is not properly protected.

VinniBag is a great gift item for your favorite wine lover, frequent flier, backpacker, skier, etc. 

Vinni Bag Travel Wine Bag Features 

Internal open architecture accommodates many shapes & sizes. Designed to optimally protect standard 750 ml wine bottles, VinniBag Travel Wine Bag can accommodate many other types of bottles including champagne, olive oil, and certain distilled spirits.  Note that the Vinni Bag will not fit magnum or larger size bottles.

Because of the open architecture of the inner chamber, this travel system can be used for many different types of items or several smaller items together. Contents are isolated, immobilized and cushioned by the air chambers, and sealed with a specially designed closure. Great for liqueurs, perfume, shampoo, grandma’s preserves, or a delicate vase.

  • Clear material allows for visual inspection without opening

  • Engineered for altitude and temperature fluctuations

  • Suspends item(s) in an inflatable air cushion

  • Designed for travel by air, car, rail, bike, backpack, boat etc.

  • Great for camping, skiing, biking or just bouncing around

  • Can secure a re-corked bottle in the trunk to transport open containers

The VinniBag Travel Wine Bag was engineered specifically to withstand air travel and high altitudes. The design and materials allow for significant changes in air pressure and temperatures. Sophisticated testing was done at an independent test lab using altitude chambers that surpass normal conditions in aircraft cargo holds. VinniBag can also handle some pretty tough temperatures.

The important part is to load, inflate & deflate VinniBag in normal temperatures for proper performance. The air chambers were designed to provide optimum cushioning against impact, and to immobilize the contents during transport. Ideal as a wine travel bag, the product is also a versatile travel bag for many different items. It takes about 3-5 minutes to pack a bottle, inflate the outer chamber and lock the bag.            

VinniBag is an Eco-friendly travel essential – reusable, recyclable and made of durable materials that will last for many journeys. If a VinniBag wears out, the manufacture will recycle it into a garden hose to help keep our planet green. The company also feels strongly about supporting our local economy, insisting on 100% USA materials, labor & packaging.

How to Use the Vinni Bag Travel Wine Bag  

Insert a bottle into the center of VinniBag, inflate by mouth or with a hand pump, roll up the bottom flap to form a leak proof seal, and snap the buckle closed.

Instructions for Use of the Vinni Bag

  1. Lay VinniBag Flat

  2. Insert & Center Bottle

  3. Inflate, Flatten Bottom

  4. Roll Tightly from Bottom Edge

  5. Snap Buckle Closed. Tighten Strap if Needed

  6. VinniBag Ready To Go



Vinni Bag Travel Wine Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size bottles does the VinniBag hold?

A. The product was designed to optimally protect standard 750ml wine bottles 10.5” – 13” tall. However, VinniBag will accommodate many other types of bottles, including champagne, olive oil, and certain distilled spirits. Because of the open architecture of the inner chamber, you can use it for items of many different shapes and sizes. Obviously, it is not designed for contents that are sharp or have rough edges that could puncture the material. VinniBag can be used for a wide variety of items – just be sure that there is adequate inflation to protect all edges. 

Q. How much inflation is needed for VinniBag to work? 

A. That depends on a lot of things, including what you mean by ‘work’…VinniBag ‘works’ to protect against breakage and leakage. For leakage protection, no inflation is necessary. As long as the dry seal is rolled & clasped properly, liquids inside won’t leak out. So if you’re transporting shampoo in a plastic bottle and aren’t worried about breakage, you can just slip your items into the bag, roll it up, and throw it in your suitcase. To protect against breakage, you can adjust the amount of inflation to suit your purposes. For instance, if the bottle or item will be packed deep in a suitcase full of soft clothes, you probably won’t need much inflation. If you have multiple bottles, or they’re near an edge, you’ll want full inflation to protect them.

Q. If I inflate VinniBag all the way, won’t it leak or explode at high altitudes?

A. VinniBag was engineered specifically to withstand air travel and high altitudes. Both the design and materials allow for significant changes in air pressure and temperatures. Sophisticated testing was done at an independent test lab using altitude chambers that surpass normal conditions in aircraft cargo holds.

Q. Does VinniBag keep wine at a stable temperature?

A. We wish! Nothing will do that short of a wine cellar or an electrical appliance. But the air chambers do provide some insulation and will slow the transmission and impact of temperature fluctuations.

Q. I’m having trouble getting the bag to close properly – there’s a big bubble at the top of the dry seal.

A. Make sure you pull at the arrows first, before rolling the dry seal flap. When you insert a bottle into the chamber, rolling from the bottom can trap air. If you’re still having trouble, try this: Insert the bottle, partially inflate the bag to squeeze air out of the chamber, pull on the arrows to flatten the bottom, and then roll up the dry seal. Finish inflating the bag to the desired level.

Q. How long will my VinniBag last?

A. That depends on usage – how often, for what, under what circumstances. Again, the product has been rigorously tested and should provide you with many happy, stress-free trips. The workmanship and materials are warranted against defects, but as they say, nothing good lasts forever.

Q. I love that VinniBag packs so flat – I keep it in the bottom of my suitcase whenever I travel, whether I use it or not. But sometimes I can’t get it all the way deflated because there seems to be air stuck at the top.

A. When you blow VinniBag up, there’s air in the inflation chambers (which is a good thing). But when you take items in and out of the bag, air gets inside of the bag, too. If air seems to be stuck, roll VinniBag from the top to the bottom first to force any air out of the inside chamber, and then roll from the bottom to the top while squeezing the air valve to empty the inflation chambers. Voila!

Q. I’d like to order these for our national sales meeting. Can you imprint special dates or messages? Would you consider a co-label or private label?

A. Yes, yes, and maybe. Please contact our sales manager for details.

Q. Can I put VinniBag on ice?

A. A word of caution about extreme temperatures… The material properties change under certain conditions, which shouldn’t affect the performance of the product while traveling or while in storage. However, Do Not try to inflate or deflate the product in these extremes, when the material might be too brittle or too soft. It is important to load, inflate & deflate VinniBag in normal temperatures for proper performance. So, back to your question – not a good idea. Better to take the wine out, and then put it on ice.

Q. Will VinniBag float? I’m into boating and water sports…

A. If you’re concerned about losing your wine if VinniBag goes overboard, your bigger challenge will be catching up with it once it does. (And if you’re partying on your boat we want an invitation.) But yes, VinniBag will float. Makes a great bath pillow, travel pillow, or pool toy, too.

Q. How much of an impact can VinniBag withstand before the bottle inside breaks?

A. VinniBag was designed to travel in luggage or a car trunk, not drop kicked by itself. Having said that, you’d be amazed by the abuse it can take. Our test data is impressive – drop testing onto concrete from various heights. But, we cannot guarantee that you’ll never have a bottle break (remember the old Samsonite commercials with the Pittsburgh Steelers beating up suitcases?). At least you’ll have peace of mind knowing the mess is contained.

Q. Can someone use this who doesn’t have much lung power?

A. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to inflate VinniBag, but if someone’s lung capacity is impaired they can use a small squeeze-bulb hand pump. Let us know if you can’t find one and we’ll help. If you use anything more powerful, be VERY careful not to over inflate the bag. While we did that intentionally during testing and it still survived the altitude, it’ll put undue stress on the seams and shorten the life of your VinniBag.




Vinni Bag Wine Protection Bag Specifications  

Made in the USA


  • Flat:  23"
  • Inflated: 16"


  • Flat: 8.5"
  • Inflated: 7.5"

Height: 9 oz + contents

UPC Code: 753182205670

Vinni Wine Protection Bag Video