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Waterproof Money Belt and Waist Bag
  • Waterproof Money Belt and Waist Bag
  • Back of waist wallet with breathable material
  • Interior of waist wallet

Waterproof Money Belt and Waist Bag

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Aqua-Quest Aquaroo Waterproof Money Belt

Waterproof Money Belt and Waist Bag

This is the ultimate in waterproof protection and storage of your smaller items in a waterproof wallet that you wear around your waist. This water tight assured waist bag is the perfect small waist pack for items you want to conceal or keep close at hand, like your passport, cash, wallet, keys, or other important smaller items. 

Designed for water sport, travel, mountain biking, & adventure. Never leave your valuables behind on the beach again - just take them into the water with you into the ocean or swimming pool, or when used in water sports. 

Watertight Sealing System - Keeps Contents Safe from Water

 This 100% watertight waist pouch features superb construction that ensures the main compartment remains water tight and allow the pack to be full short term submersion without leakage. The following is a description of the bag's waterproofing features construction features.  

Dual Press Lock Seals

Waterproof, dual press lock seals


The bag's interior compartment features dual press lock seals, similar to zip locks.  Most other waterproof bags on the market only feature one press lock. For additional waterproof security for your valuables is an included water tight inner bag, for extra security against water.



Roll Top Secondary Closure Feature

This is the waterproof waist bag's primary waterproof sealing system. Designed just like roll over dry bags used on boats. The top of the waist pack is designed to be rolled over two times, with each roll being secured with two separate 9 inches long, by 3/4 inch wide Velcro strips. Additionally, a 1/8 inch wide water gusset is mounted into the bag's first roll, which is another patented feature to help keep out water or dust. Patented 'Seal-Tight' Roll-Over Closure System    


Bag Construction and Material

The Aqua Quest Waterproof Waist Pack is made from 70D Nylon Ripstop with TPU coated material. This is a light-weight nylon fabric interwoven with ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern, which enhances the bag's waterproof and rip resistant ability. All of the bag's internal seams also feature RF (radio frequency) welding for additional waterproof protection. This waterproof waist pack has no metal parts so it will not rust, making it TSA airport friendly.

Waterproof Money Belt and Waist Bag

Aqua-roo Water Proof Waist Belt Fits Waists 28- 54 inches

This aqua-roo is designed to be worn around the waist with a fully adjustable 1 inch wide strap that fitds wiasts, and will accommodate waist sizes from 28 to a full 54 inches. 

Wear it Dry as a Money Belt- Flat Sleek Design

Comfortable Back Panel - Doubles as a security money belt outside of the water and under your clothes

This bag also doubles as a hidden money belt and can be easily worn outside of the water, under your clothes.  What makes this bag compfortable against the skin, is Cambrelle®, a quick drying soft mesh material that keeps your skin, cooler, drier, and more comfortable than many other money belts - which is very important when the pack is worn in hot or humid climates. 

The bi-component fibres in Cambrelle®  produces microscopic air pockets that not only allow air to circulate but to help wick away sweat and moisture when worn dry as a security money belt. It also adds  cushioning  helps to prevent with the  prevention and build up of bacteria that can cause mildew and odor. AquaRoo Waterproof Waist Belt is extremely light and weighs in as just 3 ounces (85 grams). 


Aqua-Quest Aquaroo Waterproof Money Belt & Waist Belt Specifications

  • 100% Waterproof & Extremely Lightweight. Durable & Abrasion Resistant Oxford 70D RipStop with TPU Laminate Coating. Welded Seam Construction for Superb Strength & Impermeability

  • Double Zip-Lock Seal with Additional Velcro Flap for a Completely Watertight Closure. Thin Profile Allows for Convenient Concealing

  • Comfortable Cambrelle Mesh Rear Panel, Fully Adjustable Waist Strap For Superior Comfort on Men and Women of All Sizes

  • Additional Features: Additional Water Proof & Odor Proof Pouch Insert for Total Submersion Protection of Critical Items

  • Waist Strap Width:  1 Inch (25 mm) - Nylon webbing material with triglide adjuster

  • Color:  Black only (blue is no longer available)

  • Materials: 70D Nylon Ripstop with TPU coated material.

  • Size of Pouch  - Exterior:  5 1/2 tall by 10 inches wide

  • Size of Internal Compartment: 5 1/4 tall by 9 1/2 inches wide

  • UPC Code:  899248000107

  • Model Number:  028

  • Manufacturer:  Aqua Quest

  • Weight: 3.3 ounces

Video of how well this bag remains waterproof under water

To see a video of how this waterproof waist pack keeps your items dry under water, go to Google and search the term "Aqua-Quest Waterproof Money Belt Testing."