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Beach Thefts

Thefts at beaches have been a problem that has plagued travelers for as long as anyone can remember.  The temptation for many thieves is just to great - a tourist leaves their wallet, purse, cell phone, camera or other valuables on the beach while they go for a swim.  In the blink of an eye, your property is gone.  Thefts at beaches - also called beach blanket thefts, or blanket thefts,  is a problem that happens at beaches all around the world.  To understand how much of a problem this is, simply search in Google the terms "beach thefts" and you will find countless reports of beach thefts around the world.

While this may not be a problem that every traveler has faced - is is one to take concern of.  Travelers should always be aware that they should not let their guard down in the relaxed atmosphere of the beach.

The majority of thefts have been opportunistic, however, some thieves find that the theft of valuables from the beach is a good way to make quick cash.  Thieves have always known to attend beaches where members of the public are complacent with valuables.”

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Here is a recent report of beach thefts in Florida, as well as a video report of several beach thefts.  Another report focuses on an arrest of two people who had ripped off several tourists visiting the beach.

An obvious solution to prevent these thefts is to head to the beach with at least another person so someone could always keep watch of valuables.

A variety of other solution to secure your valuables are available for travelers to consider - such as mobile beach safes that include steel cables so the beach bag can be secured to solid object.  To see many of these beach safes, click here.

Others might find that carrying their valuables with them in the water is the best, and safest way to protect their valuables.

This can be accomplished with a varity of water safes that allow you to take your money and other smaller valuables into the water by way of using a waterproof waist pouch or waterproof arm pouch such as these.

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