Credit Card Hacking at a Hotel – Don’t Fall for This Scam

Hotels are one of the top dangerous locations for using  your credit card. Studies show that 38 percent of all credit card hacking involves hotels, outnumbering the incidents of credit card fraud that happens in other environments, including restaurants, bars, retail stores and the financial sector. This fact surprises many travelers and makes them wonder if it’s safe to use their credit cards at hotels at all.   This website has a interesting article on this subject and should be one that anyone traveling with a credit card should read and be aware of.  Here is the article on hotel credit card hacking.

Here’s a quick tip..

It’s late. You are in your hotel room getting ready to get some rest after a long flight, a full day of business or hours of sightseeing in a new city. The phone rings. It’s the desk requesting confirmation on your credit card number and expiration date. You provide the information; give a fleeting thought to wondering why they can’t keep these numbers straight and go to sleep. Your next credit card statement arrives full of charges you never made. It wasn’t the front desk calling after all.

Like all effective scams, this one is simple, does not arouse suspicion and gives the thieves a wide window in which to work. Unless the charges they make are so out-of-the-ordinary that your credit card company’s interest is piqued and shuts down the card, they may have weeks to enjoy spending your money.

Of course you can dispute these charges but why go through the hell that can entail? Don’t put yourself in a position to have your credit card rejected because your limit has been used up by someone else. If you’re out of town and your card is shut down it may a couple of days to get a new one.

Never give out any credit card information on an incoming call. Asking for a number to call back is not enough. Clever thieves will come up with one. Independently acquire the number and call it. If you find out that the call was a scam, report it to the front desk immediately.