Hotel Maids Stealing from Guest Rooms – Videos

Hotel Maid Theft

Hotel Maid Theft

While most hotel employees are honest, every occupation has a few number of employees who may steal.  The following are a few videos taken by hotel guests who have caught dishonest hotel maids stealing items from their room, or going into their personal belongings in search of items to steal.

You should always check  that your valuables are secured out of view prior to leaving your hotel room. Your hotel room is not private, nor is it  100% secure. Hotel staff has access to it and perhaps do prior guest or thieves.  Obviously, many hotel rooms have in-room safes, but sometimes they don’t work  or  you concerned that dishonest hotel employees having the master code to the rooms safes,– it is necessary.

To help protect your valuables left in a hotel room, there are a variety of portable travel safes and related products that are specifically designed for use in hotel rooms, in order to help prevent hotel room theft. Portable travel safes are easy to carry, and while they may be used to secure valuables in hotels rooms, they are also used to to protect valuables when they need to left in cars, dorms, the office, or any other location where valuables may need to be left alone.  Here is a collection of our favorite portable safes to consider. 

Milockie Hotel Safe Lock

Hotel Safe Lock

Portable Locking Travel Safe

Portable Locking Travel Safe

One of the areas of concern for travelers is how safe their valuables are from theft from dishonest hotel employees – especially hotel maids – who are the ones who have the most access to your hotel room. Now lets get this out of the way right now.

The majority of hotel employees – especially hotel maids, are honest people – however, like all occupations, a certain amount of people are not, and those are the ones that a traveler need to think about.

The following are a series of videos that show hotel maids who have been caught stealing items from hotel guests when they are cleaning their rooms.

Watch This Video of a Hotel Maid Who Stole Items From a Utah Hotel Room

This is a video was that was shot by a traveler who was staying in a hotel overseas and thought that money was being taken out of his wallet when he was away from his room.  He set up a hidden camera and caught the hotel maid stealing money from his wallet.

Here is another video of a hotel maid stealing from a guest’s valuables