Hotel Maids Stealing from Guest Rooms – Videos

While most hotel employees are honest, every occupation has a certain amount of employees who go bad and steal.  The following are a few videos taken by hotel guests who have caught dishonest hotel maids stealing items from their room, or going into there personal belongings in search of items to steal.

Travelers should always be alert to these types of theft.  A variety of travel security products are on the market that can help prevent hotel room theft.  Obviously, many hotel rooms have in-room safes, but sometimes they don’t or the guest is concerned about dishonest hotel employees having the master code to the rooms safes – search hotel safe thefts in this website to see video of this.  Additionally, travelers can use a variety of portable hotel safes that are easy to carry and help protect their valuables left in a hotel room or any other location for that matter.  Here is a listing of portable safes to consider.

While most hotel employees who work in hotels are honest, travelers should always be aware that theft is a possibility and items of value should never be left out when you are away.  The first video was shot by a traveler who was staying in a hotel overseas and thought that money was being taken out of his wallet when he was away from his room.  He set up a hidden camera and caught the hotel maid stealing money from his wallet.

Again, most people are honest, however, watching the video should reaffirm why we keep our items safe and out of plain view when away from our room.



 Here is another video of a hotel maid stealing from a guest’s valuables