Honeymoon Identity Crisis – Read Before You Travel on Your Honeymoon!

Mr.& Mrs.
Problem –
 The Name on Your ID Doesn’t Match the Name on Your Ticket

This is a common honeymooner pitfall that has affected plenty of newly married couples who travel right after they get married. Newlywed couples arriving at the airport to take their honeymoon trip face an identification crisis at airport check-in – the bride is booked on the airline and trip tickets in her married name, but has not legally changed it yet.  Understand that if you get a grumpy TSA or ticket agent, you won’t be able to travel. This can even be a problem if your passport is valid and your visa is in hand.

While getting married is obviously exciting – and many women can’t wait to use their new name, don’t book travel in your married name until all of your legal documents have been properly changed and you have the new documents and identification cards in your hand.

Solution – Book and Fly in Your Pre-Married Name

Women are not able to change their name legally until after they have received their marriage license! Licenses are typically valid for  30 -90 days. With so much going on before a wedding the last thing you want to do is follow-up on the receipt of new ID’s.  Additionally, if you book your travel way in advance to get the best airfares you may not have your marriage license at the time of booking if it has a short expiration.  Layer into this the passport renewal lead time if you need a new one. Our suggestion, is to book your trip to match all your current,  ID such as passport, drivers license etc.

Again, book your travel in your non-married name so it matches all you pre-wedding ID.

But what if you’ve already made the honest mistake?  If it’s too late and you already showed up to the airport, flash a smile and your shiny rings, ask for a manager, and show identification that shows your maiden name to see if they will make an exception.  It may not work, but it is worth a try.

Keep all travel documents for you and your spouse together and in one place.  The most convenient way to do this is to use a document organizer that can double as a wallet.

Honeymoon Privacy

After you arrive at your honeymoon destination you may want to ensure your privacy by using an additional door lock or door alarm, these are two popular models.

Portable Travel Door Lock

Portable Travel Door Lock
Stops Entry Even with a Key

Privacy Door Alarm -sounds if the door is opened.

Privacy Door Alarm -sounds if the door is opened.