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Global Homicide Rate - For when you go to certain parts of the world and want to know

While the thought of getting killed while on vacation is the farthest thing from any travelers mind, and also the fact that becoming a victim of murder while traveling has almost the same odds as getting struck by lightning, traveling to certian parts of the world does have a higher rate of homicide occurrences than others.  You also have to take into consideration that the majority of reported homicides occur in places where many travelers don't go in these parts of the world, usually involved people that may be involved with crime - or in an area with a strong crime rates.

Either way, this website gives you a look at these statistics.  Additionally, this report may also give travelers an idea of where it's safe in the world, and you may be surprised on where in the world it is pretty safe...even safer than here in the good ol' USA.  Here is the link from the Economist Magazine.

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