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Pickpocket Video in China - Must Watch!

The below video depicts very slick fingered pickpockets who use both hand and tools to remove items for the pockets of unsuspecting people.  Watching this video will really get you to pay attention to your surroundings, as well as the security your place on your valuables when carried.  If the victims observed in this video used anyone of the many versions of travel security products to protect their cell phone or wallet, they would not have fallen victim to any of these crimes. Travelers should consider any of the pickpocket prevention products located in our security products categories. Here are just a few of the products located in the security waist pack section.

Our site contains over 100 pages of travel safety tips and security tips that are useful for any traveler. You will find tips involving luggage theft, avoiding pickpockets, laptop theft, hotel burglary, and airplane, train, automobile, and boat travel crimes.