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Capri Ferry and Hydrofoil Dock Station - Be Careful of the Pickpockets

Capri ferry and hydrofoil - from Naples to Capri - Be Careful of Pickpockets

Many travelers make the day trip from from Naples to Capri for a memory filled day of  wandering the beautiful port town.  Almost all travelers make this trek by taking of the many ferries or hydrofoils that leave the Naples Port, but you need to be aware of some pickpocket activity at the Naples port that can really upset your vacation.  The following are a few tips that will provide information how to avoid pickpockets at Naples and Capri Ferry and hydrofoil stations.

What’s the difference between a Capri ferry and Capri hydrofoil?

Well, a ferry is a larger boat that can take both passengers and cars and they leave from part of the Naples port called Calata Porta di Massa. Duration of a ride with a Capri ferry is about 80 minutes and the ride takes longer than the hydrofoils.  The hydrofoil or jet foil is a fast boat taking passengers only (no cars) and leaves from the Mollo Beverello part of the Naples port and the duration of the ride is about 50 minutes.  It can take about 200-250 passengers at a time.

Since most travelers give preference to Capri hydrofoil over the Capri ferry to save time, this is the location that this article talks about, but similar pickpocket issues occur at the ferry dock too. – it’s a definite time saver!

Capri ferry and hydrofoil: Buying a hydrofoil ticket to the isle of Capri Italy is where most of the pickpocket problems occur

mollo beverello napoli images, napoli hudrofoil station photo

When travelers plan to visit Capri town, most tend to take the early trips - but many tack on additional stops at Sorrento or even Pompeii to their itinerary. The early ship docks around 7, on a working day, and the earliest one leaves around 8:10.  For up to date departure times timetable check here ( When you’re reading the table pay attention to Port of departure. If it says Molo Beverello, that’s one of the hydrofoils. All the others are Capri ferry boats which are slower.

The ticket booth lines can get very, very busy. Travelers need to keep in mind, especially due to the fact that the port of Naples can accommodate up to 4-5 cruise ships in a day. If only one quarter of the people wants to visit Capri first thing in the morning, and they will, it’s a lot of people. Not to count the local tourists!    As you walk out of the huge building of Naples’s Stazione Marittima cruise terminal, Walk towards the main street at the end of the big parking lot and then turn right towards the flat long building with a Mollo Beverello sign on it. This is where you will get your tickets for the Capri hydrofoil.

As you are standing in front of the Molo Beverello building, go round its right hand corner, facing the main street, not the sea. There, you will see a number of different windows belonging to different companies selling tickets to Capri, Sorrento, Ischia and other destinations. You should not worry about which company you’ll be using, all you need to worry about is the destination and the time of the hydrofoil time you want to use. So, if you want to use a 8:10 hydrofoil to Capri, that’s the sight to look for in the window. Before you stand in line of the booth advertising your preferred time, make sure you have euro cash on you!!! They do not accept credit cards.  This is were the problems begin.  As you are waiting in line to buy tickets, be be very careful of your belongings when standing in line.  This area is like a magnet for pickpockets as they know tourists have many valuables and are easily distracted while waiting in line. Hold your purse under your arm or in front of you, if you have a backpacks, make sure it is one that has security zippers like any of these that are specifically designed to prevent pickpockets from getting into your rear pockets without your knowledge.  Many pickpockets who frequent the Capri Ferry-Hydrofiil dock fall victim to thieves who sneak up behind them and take advantage of the crowded area.

At this same location you will see a lot of beggars asking for change after you had purchased your tickets. Always use caution when dealing with beggars - you never want anyone to see where you place your wallet.

You need to use caution at the same types of lines on the island of Capri when you want to return to Naples.  In Capri, you will arrive and leave from the port of Capri (Marina Grande) where they use the funicular/cable car to ride up and down the cliff to and from the town of Capri.  To buy the return boat tickets, people normally buy return tickets by standing in line at the booth in Capri’s Marina Grande. When waiting in these lines, pickpockets are known to target tourists here too - just use the same care as you would anywhere else where pickpockets are known to operate.  If you want to avoid some of the lines, you can also purchase them at the cashier of the little café with a terrace by the car park, 30 seconds walk from the Molo Beverello building.

Again, don't let pickpockets scare you from Capri - as mentioned in previous articles, pickpockets happen all over the world - they just really like to work locations where tourists may be found in larger numbers.

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