A Video Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets

You can learn a lot by watching someone else get pickpocketed.  This is a listing of different videos showing pickpockets in action across Europe.  Watching these videos will give you real eye opener into how these slick fingered pickpockets operate.

Pickpocket Video Filmed in Rome, Italy

This is a completion video that is not the best of quality, however it does have many video segments that are of actual pickpockets in action.  The first part of the video involves various videos of pickpocket victims.  Bear with the video- the actual videos come the middle to 3/4 of the way in and is synched with music.  The videos were shot around Rome and its various tourists attractions.  You will also see highlights of thefts on the bus system – as well as the infamous tourist bus numbers 40, 64, and 170, which have been pickpocket favorite for years.  Like in the previous videos, you will see that many of the pickpocket are the young, aggressive street kid type.  Most of these kids commit theses acts in the wide open, with no fear of who may see them.  The most important part of watching these videos is how these pickpockets and street thieves are able to remove items from travelers bags, purses, and luggage without their knowledge.

What lessons are learned by watching these pickpocket videos:

1.  After viewing these videos you can see various ways how these thefts could have been prevented.  Obviously, travelers should never put items of value in outside pockets of the shoulder or travel bags.  As you just saw, once your travel bag, shoulder bag, or purse slides behind your back – it is like taking candy from a baby as far as a street thief or pickpocket is concerned.  These pickpockets were able to remove items of value form these bags time after time without the victim ever knowing that the theft ever occurred.  Other preventative measures:

2. If you do carry a travel bag, shoulder bag, or purse, consider traveling with one that is has security zippers built into the bag.  By using the security zippers, pickpockets cannot get inside the rear pockets of these bags without your knowledge.  A variety of travel bags, shoulder bags, and purses are made with various anti-pickpocket features such as security zippers, anti-slashing straps, anti-snatching straps, as well as wire mesh barriers woven into the bags materials so the bottom cannot be cut. Here are several security purses and travel bags that have these features.  Additionally, you will find the same features on several security backpacks and security daypacks – Here are several to review, many with videos showing how they operate.  As a no cost solution, consider putting a small lock on the zippers, or use a cable – anything that would prove to make it difficult for a pickpocket to get in your pocket.

Interview with a Pickpocket at the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona, Spain

This is an interview with a person that says he is a pickpocket.  Their is not way to verify this – as I don’t know of too many pickpockets who would want their story to be filmed – but I guess it could happen.  Either way, the pickpocket does talk about a lot of information that is legitimate regarding how pickpockets operate.  Worth a watch.