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Backpack Pickpockets

Keep Hands out of Your Gear with Zipper Locks

Both professional and opportunistic pickpockets know that stealing items of value from the back pocket of a backpack is like taking candy from a baby. What makes that pocket so tempting is that the majority of wallets, cameras or cellphones are stored in that pocket.

Security experts say you should carry your backpack in front of you while on the subway or bus as well as while you enter and exit the stations because pickpockets often target people on the stairs and escalators.

Zipper pull  locks

Zipper locks hold zipper pulls together. Available in 2 sizes

If a backpack with built in security features is not in your budget, then your next best bet is using zipper locks.  Zipper locks hold the zipper pulls of your pack together. Clever, light weight and easy to use zipper locks are a must for the security conscious traveler.  They act as a theft deterrent too since they are visible; signaling  a would be pickpocket to go focus on another mark click here to learn more about zipper locks

Videos of theft from backpacks.


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