Bus Pickpocket Video

This is a video of a brazen pickpocket on a bus in Japan.  While you find the video hard to believe that the victim does not understand what is happening, take heed that this is a common occurrence around the world.  Many pickpockets are very brazen in their acts.  Watch the this bus pickpocket video so you can learn the trick of the pickpocket trade.

How to Avoid Thefts of Buses

When ever possible, work with travel partner for safety. Be attuned with the person your traveling with so you can help one another. Practice safety. Remind one another to stay alert, and practice the pick pocket avoidance techniques that your can find on various pages within this pickpocket prevention website. As you have watched this video, you have to assume that when riding a bus or other similar type of transportation, someone bumping up against you is not  A traveler should be keenly aware that public transportation is by far one of the most common venues where pickpockets like to operate – especially bus lines that tourists are known to use.

The most vulnerable time for someone to fall victim to a pickpocket is when they enter or leave a bus, tram, or train car for that matter.  The risk factor is even larger as the tourist is passing thru the actual door opening of the bus.  Obviously, the busier the bus, the higher the chance of victimization.

Thieves are known to travel in groups on buses, and like to create various “blocking scenarios” to help them “stage” the victim so the pickpocket can get in position – either next to or behind the victim, increasing the chances of a successful theft.

The second most frequent location where a bus traveler will become a victim is while standing in the middle aisle of the bus.  A natural amount of physical jostling occurs due to the movement of the bus, as well as the passengers bumping into you.  Various anti-theft wallets, purses, and backpacks are made to protect your property from bus pickpockets.  For a review of those items – a travelers should view these types of products to better understand how they may benefit a traveler – these products may be found here.

Additional Bus Pickpocket Videos