How to Keep Your Gear Near and Dry at the Beach and Pool

Thefts at beaches increase during the busy vacation season. Tourists leave their wallets, cell phones, cameras or other valuables on the beach while they go for a swim. Most are clever enough to “hide” under a towel but in a blink of an eye, their property is gone.  Thefts at beaches – also called beach blanket thefts, or blanket thefts,  is a problem that happens at beaches all around the world. To understand how much of a problem this is, simply search in Google the terms “beach thefts” and you will find countless reports of beach thefts around the world.

Beach theft happen here too. Following is a report from Florida that focuses on an arrest of two people who had ripped off several tourists visiting the beach.

An obvious solution to prevent these thefts is to head to the beach with at least another person so someone could always keep watch of valuables while the other is in the water, but this is not always the most fun or practical way behave.

The solution is to plan ahead and pack some type of security gear so that your time in the sun will be worry free. You can elect to use portable safes that include steel cables so that Vacation vaultyou lock down to a stationary item, beach chair,  To see more of these beach safes, click here. The benefit of this type of safe is you can use in other environments such as your hotel, car or home as well. It’s not just gear for your annual vacation.


Others might find that carrying their valuables with them in
the water is the best and safest way to protect them. The
newest styles of waterproof gear are extremely reliable and rated for water-fastness. No soggy passports or ruined phones! And with so many styles to choose from you’re bound to find one just the right style and size.


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