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Wallet Recovery Kit - Interactive Guide with Printable Forms in Case of Loss

No one ever expects to have their wallet stolen, but if or when it happens, having quick access to a Wallet Recovery Kit can quickly be your knight in shinning armor, especially when you need to know what to do and who to call.  The website has put together a great list of printable forms that will help deal with the unfortunate event of loosing your wallet, buy you will need to fill out these a set of forms that you must fill out and keep in a safe place at home.  Trust me, having these filled out forms close at hand, be it at home, of having someone email them to you while traveling is going to be a great time saving tool to help you get your life back together.

The Wallet Recovery Kit is a free and interactive guide that contains the tools you need to minimize the damage when your wallet is lost or stolen. The kit and interactive website was created by Credit and guides visitors to focus on what they call "The three Rs":

  • Remove: The things that you should never carry in your wallet.
  • Record: What information you need to write down and store away now.
  • Recover: Who to contact after your wallet goes missing -- and what to say when you speak with them.

When you are done filling out the set of printable you can print out and store in a secure place. If the worst should happen, you'll have what you need to immediately stop the damage and start the recovery.   Here is the link to the  Wallet Recovery Kit.

To the left is a listing of the most common wallet security and wallet recovery forms which you can print out for use if your wallet is ever lost or stolen

Know about RFID Pickpockets - The new breed of pickpockets can get your credit card numbers right through your wallet!

If wallet security has a higher concern you you, you should also be aware of the new term of "electronic pickpocketing"  This term has to do with the new design of credit cards in which credit card companies are embedding electronic chips into most credit cards today.  These chips allow a user to simply wave their wallet in front of the new RFID credit card processing terminals which are being rolled out at retailers around the country.  The only challange with the addition of these chips is that crooks are now able to create a portable scanning device which allows them to walk through crowds and steal your credit card number and expiration dates from your cards, in your wallet, while it is in your pocket or purse.

The good news, is that you can now purchase wallets and purse that feature a built in RFID blocking material which prevents this kind of electronic pick-pocketing.  To read more about RFID Credit Card Pick-pocketing, click here.   If you would like to see more information about RFID blocking wallets and purses, click here.