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Airplane Pressure Reducing Ear Filters
  • Airplane Pressure Reducing Ear Filters

Airplane Pressure Reducing Ear Filters


Model: 765b

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Stop Ear Pain! Airplane Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs

Lewis N Clark airplane pressure reducing ear filters

Use them only during take off and landing when the pressure change is the greatest, or leave them in to help cancel some of the noise onboard. 
  • stop pain from change in cabin pressure
  • eliminates some noise
  • storage case
  • comfortable
  • reusable

Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs are specifically designed to eliminate uncomfortable "ear popping" sensations during flight. Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs reduce the painful effects of rapid pressure changes within the ear canal, making ear aches and pops a part of the past. By controlling the rate at which changing pressure is applied to the eardrum you give your ears more time to adjust naturally to the changing pressure as the plane climbs on takeoff or descends to land. These ear pressure filters are good for people that suffer pressure changes such as climbing a hill in a car, skiing and when high-speed trains pass in tunnels.

Filters Noise

The patented design of these Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs maintains a gentle seal with the ear to filter out some noise too. Only these pressure filters have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22. You will be able to hear voices and flight announcements.

Reusable Comfort Design

The profiled design of these ear pressure reducing filters make them very comfortable for long-haul flights and periods of long use. The Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs are washable, hygienic and easy to use. No rolling with dirty fingers, just simply hold by the tail and slowly insert into the outer ear canal without the need to apply any force. 

Know the Difference Between Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs and Noise Reduction

Pressure reducing earplugs work by slowing the movement of air into and out of the outer ear, giving your inner ear more time to adjust to the changes in air pressure often experienced during flight. Noise reduction plugs filter out the sound around you.  

The Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs are primarily made to reduce pressure however, they also buffer some of the noise on board the aircraft with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22. This level reduces background noise, but not so much to keep you from hearing voices and airplane announcements. 

How Pressure Reducing Filters Work

The pressure equalization of pressure reducing ear filters works with the hollow section that goes into the ear acting as a shock absorber. A tiny hole at the entrance of the earplug allows only a small amount of air into the chamber of the earplugs and the very small hole into the ear slows the flow of air in and out of the ear thus lessening the air pressure difference between the exterior and interior ear, while allowing the ear to breathe.

How to Use Your Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs

Just insert the Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs securely in both ears before takeoff and do not remove them until the plane has reached cruising altitude, then be sure to reinsert the plugs before the plane begins its descent to land. Since the ear plugs also greatly reduce the background noise on the plane, your trip will be more comfortable if you just leave the plugs in your ears throughout the trip. One size. 


Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) Information 

Similar to suntan lotion’s SPF or Sun Protection Factor, the NRR tells you how many decibels you can expect the product to reduce. The Lewis N Clark Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs come with a NRR (Noise Reduction Rate) of 22 and are superb noise neutralizers. With this rating, these ear plugs filter out background noises up to 115dB while allowing you to still hear people talking to you, cabin announcements, alarms and phones making traveling so much less stressful - quieter, relaxing and so much more comfortable.



Keep away from infants. These ear filters are non-toxic but may interfere with a child’s breathing if accidentally swallowed or caught in the windpipe.



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Airplane Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs Specifications

  • Model No: 765b
  • UPC: 029275009143
  • Includes: Carrying case
  • Suitable for 12 years and older


CA Residents: "Prop 65 Labeling"


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These are great ear plugs. Very effective and comfortable.