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Camera/Camera Bag Security Strap,                1 1/4" wide
  • Camera/Camera Bag Security Strap,                1 1/4" wide
  • Strap Hook
  • Strap with Adaptors
  • Strap on Camera
  • Clips
  • Clip Locks
  • Secure to Chair
  • Attached to Camera
  • Secure other Bags
  • Comfort Pad

BeSafe Camera/Camera Bag Security Strap


Model: CM2005B

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BeSafe Security Camera and Bag Strap 

Up grade your current camera or gear bag with a comfort and a security strap and thwart slice-n-run thieves. This camera security strap was specifically designed to secure cameras. However, it also fits laptop or camera gear bags. It can be added to almost any item which has an attachment loop.


2 adaptor style to adhere to O-ring, D-ring or fabric connectors on your gear

  • Cut-resistant strap (2 stainless steel flexi-cables run the length)hidden steal cables
  • Padded, slip-proof should pad
  • Security sleeves that slide over the connectors for additional protection
  • 50 inches long
  • Lightweight and easy care microfiber

Cut Resistant Straps  

 Each strap contains a pair of braided, 1/16 inch stainless-steel flexi-cables that are sewn into the entire length of the anti-theft camera strap, making the strap slice resistant. The steel cables are smoothly incorporated into the strap and do not affect comfort! 

Special Adapters

Each Security Strap includes two special adapters that allow the Security Strap™ to attach to any item that has small loops. 

The first adapter is a 3/4 inch metal, chrome plated, continuous loop, "O" ring. This adapter allows the strap to be secured to a device which has any type of spring clip where you can insert in the "O" ring adapter. Attached to the "O" ring is an adjustable strap that allows you to secure your device to the security strap. 

The second adapter is a permanent heavy duty metal swivel clip which resembles an oval carabiner.  It is designed for a bag which has a permanently affixed loop or hook that cannot be opened. This adapter's ergonomic design translates into lightning-fast clip-ability. You simply push the top half of the carabineer gate around the strap on your bag making a secure connection. This adapter also features a 360-degree swivel, allowing your bag and strap to move with your body movements. 


Besafe security camera bag with adaptors






Above shows the security sleeve pulled up to expose the adapter clip

Besafe camer strap with sleeve







Above shows the security sleeve pulled down over the adaptors hidden from view


Bag and Strap Cutters - An International Theft Problem

Typically, the cutting of straps to steal cameras and camera bags happens outside of the United States. Travel to parts of South America, Africa, Europe, or Asia, and you just might come up against bold street thieves who have honed their craft of cutting bag straps slung over the shoulders of unsuspecting travelers. Known in law enforcement circles at "bag cutters" these thieves know that most straps are made of thin leather or nylon webbing. Often they approach a traveler from behind and quickly cut the strap of their camera or camera bag and then firmly yanking down on it, causing the flimsy strap to break quickly with the thief then making a quick get-a-way with the camera gear. Tha



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BeSafe Camera and Camera Bag Security Strap, Specifications


  • Width: 1 1/4" 
  • Length: Adjustable up to 50"
  • Color: Black
  • Material Microfiber and Steel

Cut Resistant - Dual steel cable reinforced strap

 Sleeve - Hidden Gear Connectors


Product is exactly as described, and thoughtfully provides 2 methods of attachment, perhaps suitable for uses other than a camera. Good price, arrived very quickly.


I bought this strap to use across the chest on a medium small camera bag. I use it without the shoulder pad. It works very well. I like the security sleeves. All in all it is well designed to protect my bag from slashers. If I had a complaint it would be that due to the cables inside it, the strap is a bit stiffer than a regular strap, but not unmanageably so. I'm going to Paris in about six weeks, and have no worries about having my bag stolen off my shoulder.


I was looking for a longer strap ( I am 6'2"). It is plenty long, in fact I wish I could shorten it some. At the max adjustment position, it is still a couple inches too long. Cannot adjust it more as the adjustment slide is in the middle of the neck pad. It seems very strong and should hold up well.