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Security Shoulder Strap Extra-Long
  • Security Shoulder Strap Extra-Long
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  • Comfortable Fit
  • Clasps
  • Secured to a Chair
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BeSafe Security Shoulder Strap Extra-Long

Model: CM2005B-70

In stock


In stock

BeSafe Security Camera Strap - Extra Long Length - Extends up to 68 Inches Long 

Love your camera or gear bag, but need an upgraded and secure extra long shoulder strap to carry it?  On many bags the strap is the most vulnerable part of the gear bag.  Now you have a comfortable and secure solution. 

Replace your ordinary strap with this Camera Security Strap specifically designed to fit cameras, camera bags and video recorder or binoculars.  Use it to also upgrade laptop cases, attaché bags or any other special tote bag or item.  It can be added to almost any item which has a small strap loop. 

Extra-long, this strap extends to 68 inches so you can wear cross body and low on your hip. 

Need a Shorter Length Strap 54" strap available here. - Click here to view the shorter version.

Cut Resistant Straps  

The Security Camera Strap provides a valuable alternative to help you keep street thieves from getting their hands on your belongings!  Each strap contains a pair of braided, 1/16 inch stainless-steel flexi-cables that are sewn into the entire length of the anti-theft camera strap, making the strap slice resistant for even the most determined street thief. The steel cables are smoothly incorporated into the strap and do not affect comfort! 

Special Adapters

Each Security Strap includes two special adapters that allow the Security Strap™ to attach to any item that has small loops (Cameras, camcorders, and binoculars). 

The first adapter is a 3/4 inch metal, chrome plated, continuous loop, "O" ring.  This adapter allows the strap to be secured to a device which has any type of spring clip where you can insert in the "O" ring adapter.   Attached to the "O" ring is an adjustable strap that allows you to secure your device to the security strap. 

It will fit many, if not all digital and film cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, binoculars, and other items which features a loop for an external strap.  

The second adapter is a permanent heavy duty metal swivel clip which resembles an oval carabineer.  It is designed for a bag which has a permanently affixed loop or hook that cannot be opened. This adapter's ergonomic design translates into lightning fast clip-ability. You simply push the top half of the carabineer gate around the strap on your bag making a secure connection. This adapter also features a 360 degree swivel, allowing your bag and strap to move with your body movements. 

Security Sleeves Provide Additional Protection

The end of each strap has a 5 inch long microfiber sleeve which slides over the adapters to keep them out view and touch of the prying fingers.  These sleeves are movable, or removable if needed.  You can secure it to a chair for peace of mind.

The above shows the security sleeve pulled up to expose the camera locking clip

The above shows the security sleeve, pulled down over the locking clips so they are hidden


Slip-Resistant Shoulder Pad

Wearing the strap is comfortable! The slip-resistant generously cushioned shoulder pad slides on the strap so you can position it where it is most comfortable for you.


How is the Strap Worn?

It is totally up to you.  You pick where you want to wear it....Wear it over one shoulder, low on your hip or across the chest.

Bag and Strap Cutters - An International Theft Problem

Typically, the cutting of straps to steal cameras and camera bags happens outside of the United States. Travel to parts of South America, Africa, Europe, or Asia, and you just might come up against bold street thieves who have honed their craft of cutting bag straps slung over the shoulders of unsuspecting travelers. Known in law enforcement circles at "bag cutters" these thieves know that most straps are made of thin leather or nylon webbing. Typically they approach a traveler from behind and quickly cutting the strap off their camera or camera bag then firmly yanking down on it, causing the flimsy strap to quickly break.  The thief then makes a quick get-a-way with the camera gear.





Security Shoulder Strap Extra-Long Specifications

  • Width: 1 1/4" 
  • Length: Adjustable up to 68"
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Daymakers Be Safe 

Need a Shorter Length Strap 54" strap available here. - Click here to view the shorter version.