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PacSafe CarrySafe 100  Anti-theft Camera Strap
  • PacSafe CarrySafe 100  Anti-theft Camera Strap
  • carrysafe 100
  • Carrysafe 100 Gii camera strap
  • Carrysafe 100 Gii camera strap
  • Carrysafe 100 Gii camera strap
  • Carrysafe 100 Gii camera strap
  • Carrysafe 100 Gii camera strap
  • Carrysafe 100 Gii camera strap

CarrySafe 100 GII, Camera Security Strap


Model: 15261100

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PacSafe CarrySafe 100 GII Anti-Theft Camera Strap  

The CarrySafe 100 GII is a camera neck strap that combines comfort and two anti-theft security features to help provide security for your camera, video camera, or binoculars from “cut and run” thefts.

Video Demonstration of the Pacsafe Carrysafe 100 Anti-Theft Camera Strap 

Pacsafe Carrysafe 100 GII Anti-Theft Features

CarrySafe 100 GII Slash-Proof Steel Reinforced Strap


pacsafe carrysafe 100, camera security strap,

Snap away without worrying about strap slashers slicing your camera strap and running off with your DSLR. Useful on binoculars too.

Embedded through the entire strap are two 1.5 mm, 7x7 high-tensile stainless steel wires (seven strands and each strand comprised of seven wires). While this steel wire security system is strong, it remains flexible enough so it is not detectable or uncomfortable. 

Snatch-Proof Security Feature

Carrysafe 100 GII around a poleThe CarrySafe 100 GII camera security strap has an innovative snatch-proof security feature.

On each end of the strap is a quick-release connector which allows the strap to hook around a secure fixture and then back onto the camera.This feature is useful when you want to put it down but want to protect from opportunistic theft.

You loop the security strap around your chair or another item and back onto the camera. Now your camera is connected to the item preventing a snatch and grab. 

Camera Connectors 

pacsafe carrysafe 100, camera security strap

Most standard camera straps have simple webbing straps which just loop in and lock with a plastic anti-slider.

The CarrySafe 100 incorporates a “camera connector security system”.  it includes a stronger webbed to connect the camera to the strap.

The CarrySafe 100 camera connectors are made of hardened zinc metal alloy and have a powder coated finish making them highly scratch resistant. 

The newly engineered clips are a spring loaded, quick-release type, and designed to prevent the camera from accidentally coming detached from the strap. The connector features a "lock / unlock" latch on the D-ring, not found on other straps. 

Sleeve Cover Protectors

The CarrySafe 100 camera security strap has two neoprene sleeve cover protectors (one on each end) which slide over the spring loaded anchor clips. 

These protectors cover the camera strap's quick-release anchor clips from accidental opening. The hollow sleeves are four inches long and slide up and down the lower ends of the strap. The ends of the sleeves are elastic which hold them in place when placed over the connectors.

comfort neck pad on CarrySafe 100, Camera Security StrapComfort Neck Pad

The comfort padded neck strap is designed with “breath-ability” vents, which help keep the neck pad dry from perspiration build up. The ergonomically shaped neck pad is 10  by 2 inches.

Adjustable Strap Length

Two slip adjusters allow the camera strap to be adjusted from 40 to 60 inches in length.


Manufacturer's Warranty

Pacsafe Warranty Seal


 Your satisfaction is our top concern! This product is guaranteed for 5 years and is offered exclusively on products that were purchased from an authorized Pacsafe dealer.

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Video Demonstration of the Pacsafe Carrysafe 100 Anti-Theft Camera Strap

Carrysafe 100 GII Specifications

  • Materials: nylon, neoprene padding, high-tensile stainless steel wire. Dyneema webbing
  • Strap Length: Adjusts from 30.3-44.5 inches
  • Width: 3/4 inch wide 
  • Weight: 4.4 oz  
  • UPC No. 88334025489
  • Withstand up to 30 pounds of weight

Care Instructions

Spot clean with warm water and mild detergent, air dry in shade. 

Manufacturer's Warranty

pacsafe warranty seal

This product is guaranteed 5 years from the date of purchase exclusively against manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or material. This Warranty is only applicable to products that were purchased from an authorized Pacsafe dealer and for which the original customer’s proof of purchase is provided. If the product has manufacturing defects, Pacsafe will either repair or replace the defective parts or the product itself.

Anti-theft Features Carrysafe 100 Camera Strap



Carrysafe Slashguard Strap Pacsafe

Carrysafe Slashguard Straps


Flexible, lightweight, stainless steel wire is integrated into our adjustable Carrysafe® straps making it invisible to the eye, yet very effective at preventing bag slashers from slicing through and running off with your gear.


Turn and lock hook Pacsafe

Turn & Lock Security Hooks

These small smart devices pack a whole lot of intelligence. The hook unfastens so that you can attach your bag to a secure fixture. What’s more,  the smart hook has a special turning mechanism which actually locks the  hook in to place making it harder for a bag snatcher to make an easy getaway.


I'm using this as a shoulder strap for a messenger bag for a trip to South America. It's plenty long, and very sturdy looking. I'm hoping no one tries to slash it, but if they do they'll be in for a surprise! Thanks.


This is a good camera strap and if you are trying to improve your camera's security, this is not a bad way to go. It is sturdy, dependable and discrete.