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Triple Lockdown Luggage Lock
  • Triple Lockdown Luggage Lock
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock - TSA80
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock - TSA80
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock, Most Versatile Luggage Lock
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock - TSA80
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock - TSA80
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock - TSA80
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock - TSA80
  • Triple Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock - TSA80
  • TSA80 TSA Luggage Zipper Lock

Triple Security TSA Lockdown Luggage Lock


Model: TSA80

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The Triple Security TSA Luggage Lock

TSA80 TSA Luggage zipper lock

The Triple Security TSA Luggage Lock, allows the TSA to access to your bag and helps keep thieves out. One of the most common methods thieves use to enter bags with zippers is to split the zipper open with a pen or similar tool, take what they want, and reseal the zipper by sliding the zipper pull over the open portion of the zipper. When your bag is opened in this manner, it leaves no visual clue that your bag was broken into.

Video - Triple  Lockdown Luggage Security Lock - TSA80

The Triple Security TSA Luggage Lock stops this type of tampering cold. It's the only multi-functional security luggage lock with a double cable design to prevent the opening of luggage and bag zippers.  

TSA Triple Security Luggage Lock Features 

  • TSA accepted lock so TSA agents can inspect your luggage without breaking the lock
  • Use as a single cable lock by removing longer cable  
  • Attach your luggage to a fixed object to secure your bag
  • Lock other items to your luggage
  • Three dial resettable combination with numbers that are legible and turn easily.
  • Combination wheels feature a white line between the number wheels making it easy to be positive of your settings. 
  • Lock cables are coated so will not snag on anything or be abrasive to what you thread them through. 
  • sturdy cast zinc alloy and ABS plastic construction
  • braided steel cables that cannot be cut with scissors

The TSA's locks two cables have different lengths. The shorter cable is about 4.25 inches long (10cm), and the longer cable is about 6.25 inches (17cm) long.


Use the TSA Lockdown Triple Security Luggage Lock in Multiple Ways

  • Connect bags to each other by their handles
  • Lock bag to fixed object
  • Lock zipper pulls
  • Lock zipper pulls to luggage handle, so thieves can't reseal a punctured zipper to gain access to luggage
  • Lock a second bag or item to your luggage
  • Lock down camera bags, and other easily stolen items to your luggage or other stationary items
  • Double cable technology prevents luggage from being broken into. Simply attach the long cable to handle, and short cable to zipper pulls.
  • Longer cable is removable for when you just want to use one cable.

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How to Use the TSA80 Triple Lock


How to Reset the Code on the TSA 80 Triple Security Lock

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Triple Lockdown Luggage Lock Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6" x 1.8" x .5"
  • Weight: 0.4 oz
  • Material: Durable Cast Zinc
  • Linear Inches: 8.3"

TSA 80 triple lock instructions


 CA Residents: "Prop 65" labeling


This is the first time I ordered from this company. All of the products were very good quality. I messed up with the locks. Customer service immediately rescued me even though the issue was my fault. I will order from these folks again! Thanks so much.


What a clever idea. Prevents someone opening your bag and then using the self healer feature of the zipper to cover up the theft. We just leave them locked on our bag handles permanently. If you rotate the dials to a locked position, neither side will fall off. Handy for carry on bags in the overhead bin too.


I absolutely love the travel accessories I ordered for my trip. I didn't order enough though, I need to order two more locks. There's two more zippers on my larger bags. So I'll be ordering again before my trip


Great because you can lock your bag and then lock the bag to something else for safety. Easy to use simple to set up. Never lock a bag until after TSA looks in it or they will distroy the whole lock to get it open... trust me it happened to me and thats why I bought a replacement.