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Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket w/ Pouch


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Ocean Navy

Best Selling Cozy Travel Blanket with CoolMax for Comfort - 

Cool Max Blanket at Corporate Travel Safety

The woman to your right sneezes on her blanket. The guy to your left is drooling on his. Are you sure your own airline blanket is clean? If you have traveled in the last few years you have noticed that airplane blankets and pillows are becoming more scarce, - and if you do find one – when was the last time it was cleaned? Be sure to have your own
travel blanket.

The Industrial and Textile Employees Union recently reported that to help defray costs, most major airlines do not launder their passenger blankets until they are visibly dirty. 

Think about the countless number of passengers that will have used your blanket before it’s cleaned. Many airlines have eliminated blankets and pillows on domestic flights all together.    


Cool Max Comfort

Up until now, it was not practicable to bring a blanket on an airplane. The problem has been solved with a new luxurious blanket and ultra-compact travel blanket by Cocoon. The Cocoon Travel Blanket is as warm as a bulkier regular blanket, yet takes up far less space because it is made of a soft jersey-like cool max fabric.  

Coolmax is so quick drying you really don't need to use your dryer. If the travel blanket gets wet or is washed, simply hang it up to dry and you will be amazed at how quickly it dries.  The blanket's special mid-weight CoolMax knit is warm, breathes well, wicks moisture away effectively and feels great on your skin.


Extremely comfortable and "snuggy" this comfortable travel blanket is made of Dupont's ultra-soft CoolMax fabric which drapes over you like fine bedding even while you are jammed into an airline seat for hours. Surprisingly warm it doesn't take the bulk of other thick travel blankets that take up a lot of room in carry-on bags.

Packs Down to the Size of a Soda Can and Weighs Only 11 Ounces!

One of the most important benefits of this comfortable and highly breathable travel blanket is that when unfolded, it expands to a generous 55 x 70 inches, however, due to its unique design, it compresses for easy storage in your carry-on bag.  It only weighs eleven ounces and fits into an included carry bag that is a cylinder design which is seven inches long by four inches in diameter.   



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Travel Blanket Specifications

  • Weight: 11 oz, (320g)
  • Cocoon travel airplane blanketPaked Size: 31/2" x 7"
  • Opened Size: 55" x 70"
  • Colors: Navy, Ocean, Red

Cocoon Travel Blanket Features

  • Keeps you warm

  • Breathes well

  • Wicks away moisture effectively

  • Feels great on your skin

  • Resists fading, shrinking and wrinkling

  • Does not pill and will not shed, resists punctures and tearing

  • Lightweight - weighs 30% less than woven blankets the same size.

  • Dries extremely fast

  • Hand or machine washable – air dry


So comfortable.I love it


I take this with me on long 20+ hour international flights and it gets the job done. It actually keeps you warmer than you think it would by looking at it as it is very thin. It is also very soft and comfy.