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Favorite "How to Guides"

Travel is so much easier and enjoyable if it is worry-free!  The first step is knowing you’re preparing in the right way or selecting the right items for your trip. Spend a few moments reading about the items almost everyone asks us about.  We’ve summarized the differences for you to help make the right choice.

TSA Luggage Locks


How to Select the Best Luggage Lock.

Did you know you can lock your bags again? Select the style of lock which fits your needs.  Don’t want to remember a combination or lose a key? There’s a lock for you.  Want to know if the TSA or anybody else opened your lock? There’s a lock for that, and other styles too! Read More.



How to Really Secure a Hotel Door for Restful Sleep. 

Your security is of paramount importance whether on vacation, on an overnight stay, or at home. Portable door locks are essential anywhere you feel the need for additional personal security. Great for travelers, renters, or homeowners, who want to guard against unwanted entry. These door locks are perfect as they protect and don’t damage the door or door frame.  Read More.




How to Stop E-Pickpockets and Protect Your Identity While Traveling.

Technology has always been a double-edged sword. Tech-savvy thieves can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data with handheld “skimming” devices. These modern day pick-pockets can access your personal information without you knowing it. They do it through your wallet or purse. RFID blocking gear protects you from identity theft by blocking electronic pickpockets. Read More.


Neatly packed suitcase


How to Pack a Bag To Sail Through TSA, Stay Organized, and Have Room for Souvenirs.

Now-a-days you need a strategy on how to pack! Usually you’re limited to one carry-on and one checked bag. Frequent Flyers have tried every trick and we’ve consolidated the ones that really work. It’s all about getting through TSA checkpoints quickly, finding what you need quickly, minimizing wrinkles and having room for souvenirs. Read More.