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Police Military and Fire Discount


Console Vault Discounts

We are proud to support our military, law enforcement, and fire personnel who serve our communities and we are proud to offer you a discount on our Console Vault products as a show of respect and gratefulness – especially members of our armed services. This is our way of giving back to those who look out for us, as it only makes sense that we look out for them too, just as  family would.

Conosle Discount and Free Shipping from Corporate Travel Safety is a family run business that is proud of its personal connection to protecting our country and community. Our family has had several members who have served in the U.S Military, including U.S Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Thomas Conklin, who was killed in action in Viet Nam on 26 May, 1967. Corpsman Conklin was killed while detached as a medic to the 1st Marine Division who were fighting in the Que Son 

Navy Corpsman Thomas Conklin, Age 20, KIA, 26 May, 1967

Valley, in an effort to locate and defeat the 3rd NVA Regiment who were dug in near Vinh Huy. Here is a link for more information about Navy Corpsman Thomas Conklin.

Additionally, our founder, Kevin Coffey, served with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for 35- years, where he retired as a Detective/Sergeant. He continues to serve and give back to the community as a reserve officer for the LAPD. 

We are proud to offer discounts on our Console Vault products to active and retired law enforcement officers and fire personnel who protect and serve our local, state and federal communities across the United States. The discount is also extended to those same members who are retired. 

Active Personnel

Email us using your government email address to our address at In the subject line write “Government Discount.” In the body of the email provide information about your current position held, as well as contact information. In return, you will receive the Console Vault discount code and amount. 

Honorably Retired Personnel

Using your personal email, send us an email to In the subject line write “Retired Government Discount.” In the body of the email provide information about your position held and attach a copy of your valid retirement ID card. In return, you will receive the discount code and amount. 

Military and Veteran Discount Eligibility

This Console Vault discount is offered to both active and retired military personnel, as well as members of the Guard and Reserves who have a government military email address, or retired personnel with "retired" military I.D credentials. 

Law Enforcement and Fire Department First Responders Eligibility

Personnel eligible to receive this discount on Console Vault Products include:

  • All sworn local, county and state law enforcement officers

  • All federal law enforcement officers (i.e., officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Air Marshal Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, etc. (includes retired officers with "retired" credentials)

  • Firefighters, including volunteer firefighters, with appropriate I.D (Includes retired personnel with "retired" credentials)

  • Licensed EMT's and Paramedics with appropriate I.D (Includes retired personnel with "retired" credentials)

  • Active duty military personnel, all branches

  • Reserve and National Guard military personnel, all branches 

  • Honorably retired military veterans with "retired" military I.D credentials

  • Corrections Officers including Parole and Probation Officers

  • Federal Flight Deck Officers

  • Court Judges, District Attorneys, and Deputy District Attorneys

  • Transportation Security Administration employees

US Government Orders

GSA logo is a proud supplier of quality equipment to the military and other federal agencies. All government orders qualify for an initial non-published discount, additional quantity discounts, as well as being tax exempt. is an officially authorized and licensed as a trading partner with the United States Federal Government and are listed in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. Our excellent relationship with our suppliers means that we can often fulfill orders...and pricing ...that our competitors can’t match.

To receive the government discount, or to obtain our Cage or DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) numbers, contact our office at (800) 601-5711 and ask to speak with a customer service representative.

Quantity Discounts, Corporate, and Group Sales

If you are ordering any of our products in a quantity of five or more, please call us to receive a quantity discount. Call (800) 601-5711.