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Leg Money Belt
  • Leg Money Belt
  • Hidden Leg Money Belt

Hidden Leg Money Belt


Model: S



Hidden Under Pants Leg Money BeltHidden leg money belt

Looking for a safe place to hide your money, passport, or other small valuables?  This leg money belt wallet is specifically designed to be worn around the calf and is secured with adjustable straps so it fits your individual leg size. 

Security and Organization 

2 zipper secured pockets. 1 Hideaway mini pocket.

Top zippered pocket is 5" deep by 5" wide.
Bottom zippered pocket is 5" deep by 5" wide. 
Hideaway mini pocket is 3" deep by 2 1/2" wide.  

The two top pockets secure larger items such as cash or passports. Top pocket fits Canadian Passport.  

Hidden leg wallet money belt with rfid

The protective RFID Blocking technology, featured in the RFID Blocking Sleeve Kit combo, blocks unauthorized RFID readers from accessing your sensitive personal information embedded in debit and credit cards.  

Adjustable Straps for Custom Fit

The adjustable straps are elasticized with velcro tabs. Top and bottom straps extend up to 18".

Comfort Design and Easy Care 

The Smooth Trip Leg Money Belt wallet is manufactured with a cool, lightweight and durable poly/cotton soft material, which is specially treated with AgION™ (see below for additional info).  The leg money belt is also made with the advanced Dupont material COOLMAX® , which is the lining sewn onto the back of the leg money belt wallet.  This material is designed to move moisture away from the body, which helps keep in keeping the person cool and comfortable. The leg money belt is easily cared for by simply hand or machine washing.   

Material Information AgION™ 

AgION antimicrobial is the world's most advanced inorganic antimicrobial technology.  It is a crystallized powder that contains silver ions.  These microscopic ions are released slowly when moisture is detected (sweat), subsequently stopping the harmful effect on bacteria. 

Anything worn against the skin (especially when worn tight like the leg money belt) will cause the skin to naturally perspire a certain amount.  When this happen, the moisture triggers the controlled release of powerful silver ions to provide superior antimicrobial protection. The antimicrobial compound is completely inorganic, less toxic than ordinary table salt, less irritating than talcum powder, and has been approved for medical devices and food contact. This highly technical compound is state of the art and causes a natural barrier against bacteria, mold, and other odor causing bacteria. 


Is uniquely engineered to keep you dry and comfortable through proprietary four-channel fibers developed by DuPont.  When the body perspires, CoolMax® moves moisture quickly away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than any other fabric on the market today. The drying rate comparing CoolMax® with the other fabrics shows that after 30 minutes, CoolMax® is nearly 100% dry, while the nearest competitor is less than 86 percent dry.




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Leg Money Belt Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.25" h x 5" w x .25" d
  • Polyester pouch with CoolMax moisture wick backing 
  • Velcro and elastic straps extend up to 18"
  • Weight .1 lb


Replacement for an existing one I've used fro 20 years.
It's my preferred way to carry valuables. It's very light weight . Great price. Highly recommended.