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HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe
  • HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe

HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe

Model: Hitch

In stock


In stock


HitchSafe Hidden Trailer Hitch Safe

Hitchsafe is a key safe that fits inside standard 2" receivers & looks like a normal hitch cover! 

The trailer Hitch Safe hide a key slides into your current 2" hitch receiver on your truck, SUV or van and is secured inside with two bolt retaining bars inside the hitch cover.  The hitch receiver itself is a solid steel vault that combined with the HitchSafe provides the most secure location on your vehicle to store spare keys, credit cards, cash and driver's license!  As a trailer hitch cover that doubles as a safe, this hidden key safe is a great consideration.

Think having your car broken into and having your property stolen can't happen to you? Think again...

Special Note Toyota Tacoma and Tundra Truck Owners

Note:  The 2005 to current model year Toyota Tacoma and the 2007 to current model year Tundra OEM hitch receivers require the optional longer pins. The HitchSafe fits all other makes & models to include RVs, all OEM and all aftermarket hitch receivers. 

How the Hitch Safe Hide a Key Works

To access your keys inside the Hitch Safe:

  • Simply lift off the rubber dust cover (made to look like any normal Hitch Cover).
  • Enter in your personal 4 number dial combination, which then releases the drawer and allows access to your keys.

The Trailer Hitch Safe Hide A Key Bumper Safe is Easy to Install

The Hitch Safe comes with everything you need to install it into your existing trailer receiver. It comes with two bolt retaining bars that slide and lock the safe into place, firmly in your standard 2-inch trailer hitch. Simply slide into place and insert the pins and you're done.

Far superior to magnetic key holders but looks like a regular hitch cover

This solution is far superior to the magnetic key holders that eventually fall off (they are never there when you need them!). If your magnetic Hide-A-Key has not joined the millions of them lying on the side of the road, you then have an open invitation for someone to steal your car because everyone knows where they are hidden!   The HitchSafe is contained within the solid steel structure of the Hitch Receiver via a combination where only YOU can access your keys when needed. 

HitchSafe, Trailer Hitch Locking Safe Corporate Travel Safety

Easy to Use! 


Step 1

Remove the Hitch Cover by lifting out from the bottom releasing the cover release tabs.

HitchSafe, Trailer Hitch Locking Safe Corporate Travel Safety



Step 2


Set the dials to your personal combination on the Hitch Safe.

 HitchSafe, Trailer Hitch Locking Safe Corporate Travel Safety



Step 3


Press down the drawer release button and the spring loaded drawer will pop open.

 HitchSafe, Trailer Hitch Locking Safe Corporate Travel Safety



Step 4

Retrieve your keys, credit cards, license or cash.

 HitchSafe, Trailer Hitch Locking Safe Corporate Travel Safety


Step 5


Storing Credit Cards/Driver’s License- 
There are grooves in the drawer and in the HitchSafe body that will accommodate up to 2 cards (Driver’s license & credit card) when placed in a right hand angle - Do not try to force more than two cards as the slots only allow room for two.


 HitchSafe, Trailer Hitch Locking Safe Corporate Travel Safety

So Secure!

Pick a combination that is easy for you to remember.  You can be assured that your number is secure with over 10,000 combinations possible.

In addition to the Hitch Safe being constructed of solid metal, it has an additional layer of security wrapped around it with the solid steel structure of the receiver hitch.  The Hitch Safe is secured into the hitch mount with steel retaining pins (Additional retaining pins are available if they need to be replaced, or if lost).

The HitchSafe is Durable and Well Designed

The Hitchsafe is durable and very well designed. It's secure solid metal body construction  features a rust resistant coating and chrome-plated brass dials makes it built to last for years. 

Zero Locking

  • The Zero Locking feature enables the HitchSafe to be opened in the dark:
  • Roll all the numbers up and away from you
  • Each number will lock on zero
  • Count the numbers up on each dial
  • Tip: Make your numbers smaller and closer to zero for quicker opening in the dark.

Easy To Use

HitchSafe, Trailer Hitch Locking Safe Corporate Travel Safety

The Hitch Safe's four dial system offers simplicity of use and security. 

To access your keys, simply turn the 4 dials to the desired number and flip the door release button.

Trailer Hitch Safe is Easy to Re-Combinate

The HitchSafe is easy to re-combinate at any time.  

Rust Resistant

The coating on the body and the chrome plated brass dials are all resistant to rust. 

NEVER Be Locked Out Again with the Trailer Hitch Safe!

Have the Peace of Mind that you or a loved one will never be locked out again!  The HitchSafe offers solid assurance that such an occasion will never arise.  There is also no need to hide your key with one of those magnet boxes that eventually falls off or is easy to find by anyone with less than good intentions.  Buy a HitchSafe today and gain Security, Convenience and Peace of Mind that your spare key will always be there when you need it the most!

Fits Multiple Keys, Credit Cards, Cash and License.

The Hitch Safe will fit multiple keys for your vehicle, Home or Work keys or even secure your credit cards and license (up to 2 cards) if you are enjoying outdoor sports where you do not want them to be easily accessible in your vehicle and carrying them along is a hassle.


The Hitch Safe is great for outdoor sports where carrying keys is a hassle or the keys can get lost.  Also the HitchSafe holds your license, credit cards, license and cash that might otherwise run the risk of getting stolen out of the vehicle while partaking in outdoor sports.  Typical applications for the HitchSafe includes:

Winter Sports

Store your keys while you hit the slopes. Share access to your vehicle amongst your family and friends.  Great for use during skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and snow shoeing.

Water Sports

You can’t take your keys with the electronic chip inside into the water and you always fear that when you use the magnetic key holder that someone is watching you hide it!   Great for using during surfing, diving and windsurfing.

Jogging, Hiking, Walking

Don't want keys and wallet weighing you down? HitchSafe is your answer.

RV, Camping

Share access to the RV and never be locked out again!  No need to chase down the person carrying the keys.  Great for storing keys during outdoor activities.  Secure your keys while you are camping.


Securely stash your keys with no need to carry them on your bike.

SUV, Truck, Van

Fill that gaping hitch receiver hole with something functional.  The HitchSafe gives you the peace of mind that you will never be locked out again.

Canoe, Kayak, Boating, Marine

Secure your keys at your vehicle without worrying about losing them while you are out on the water.

Fishing, Hunting

Leave your keys totally secure at your vehicle with no need to take them with you.  After all, you have more important things to concentrate on than worrying about your keys!

Security, Convenience, Peace of Mind

The Hitch Safe is always there when you need it most.  It is secured inside your receiver and does not fall off at the first bump. You can always have the peace of mind that your keys will be there when you need them. 

Hitchsafe Specifications

  • Manufacturer Product No: HS7000T
  • UPC:   027536970003
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Materials: Aluminum

What's Included

  • Hitch Cover
  • 2 Hitch Pins
  • 2 Foam Washers
  • Foam Spacers
  • Combination Drawer and Housing 

HitchSafe Body

  • Fits standard 2" Hitch Receiver.
  • Adjustable for pin hole variances
  • Maximum hole reach from front of receiver to middle of pin hole is 2-9/16".
  • Maximum body depth into receiver is 4-3/8" 

Inner Dimensions of Drawer

  • Width    32mm   (1-1/4")
  • Length  90mm  (3-9/16")
  • Height   45mm  (1-3/4") 

HitchSafe Pins

  • Includes 2 Hitch Pins and 2 EVA Washers
  • Chrome plated hardened steel.
  • Pins have the external appearance of a normal hitch pin.
  • Flanged Pin Head independent of each other prevent inward force on pins.
  • Internal metal sliding bar captures pin groove securing the HitchSafe inside of the receiver.
  • EVA foam washers seal Hitch Pin Holes. 

Dust Cover  

  • The dust cover provides additional protection from everyday wear and tear as well as the elements. The dust cover also provides additional security by concealing and protecting the number dials located on the unit itself.
  • Embedded metal clip strengthens and secures dust cover to the HitchSafe, fitting into corresponding grooves. 

Hitch Safe One Year Warranty

The HitchSafe has a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.  Not liable for incidental or consequential damages or loss of combination.

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