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Metal Free Travel Money Belt
  • Metal Free Travel Money Belt
  • TSA friendly money belt
  • Airport friendly money belt

Metal Free Travel Money Belt


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Travel Money Belt - Airport Security Friendly Won't Set off Alarm & Hides Bills!

This money belt is completely metal free, airport friendly and beep free, and is actually a belt with an interior zippered pocket. You can wear it while walking through a metal detector. It's a discreet way to keep a few currency bills safely hidden, yet accessible.  A metal-free, polycarbonate buckle, and zipper that won’t set off the airport security alarm make this money belt airport and TSA friendly. 

This metal-free money belt fits easily through men's and women's belt loops, but its slim profile means the hidden zippered pocket is quite narrow. There's no room for passports or credit cards, it stores money folded lengthwise. This metal-free money belt offers a degree of security that comes from being an easily integrated clothing accessory that can fool pickpockets and thieves.

Security Screening Friendly Money Belt Features 

  • Metal-free polycarbonate plastic buckle that won’t set off security alarms
  • No need to remove for screening (TSA has the right to request removal, though)
  • Airport friendly money belt has non-metal zipper and zipper pull
  • Holds 12-15 bills
  • Zippered compartment length from 31" to 35"
  • Casual and comfortable nylon webbing material


Video - Metal Free Airport Friendly Travel Money Belt

Size Chart for the Travel Money Belt

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Beep Free Money Belt Size Chart

The Belt's Money Compartment is Non-Metal, so it's Beep-Free and Metal Detector Friendly 

Because the zipper and buckle are non-metal, you can wear this belt through screening and not have to remove it, keeping your hidden money on your person. The reverse side of the money belt has an extra-long zippered security compartment which holds 12 to 15 bills, depending on the currency which can vary in size.  

Zipper and Zipper Pull are Non-Metal - Won't Set Off Metal Detectors

The money belt is made of nylon and high impact plastic, including the zipper tracks and pull. You won’t have to worry about setting off TSA airport metal detectors.

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Belt Buckle - Non-Metal - Won't Set Off Metal Detectors 

The key to this airport friendly beep free money belt is its “Slim-Cam” design buckle. It is made from high impact polycarbonate nylon which is extremely strong and metal free.  To adjust, simply flip open the front of the buckle, pass the web belt through the buckle.  After finding the desired length, simply snap the buckle cam down, locking the web belt in place.





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Watch a Video Demo of the Metal Free Airport Friendly Travel Money Belt


Beep Free Money Belt Specifications

  • Material: Nylon Webbing
  • Money Pocket: Varies, 27" - 39", depending on belt size

  • Belt Width: 1 1/4 inches wide 

  • Color: Black

  • Buckle Style: Slim-cam quick release style 

  • Buckle Material: Acetyl Nylon

  • Medium - UPC Code: 025732008575

  • Large - UPC Code: 025732008599


 TSA money belt


CA Residents: "Prop 65" Labeling


Satisfied happy thanks


Fast service and good price


Just what I wanted. Thank you for the first service.


Sturdy, and stays put. Plastic buckle easy to adjust. Belt is thinner than a tactical belt and is more comfortable because it's not as stiff. Nice to be able to buy big and trim to fit.


This money belt works! It's completely non-metallic, and TSA doesn't mind it. It's great for business travelers. I had one TSA agent notice it, and asked if I got it at Cabela's, like his. He had on a non-metallic tactical belt, and I just said, nope, this one's thinner, and can't hold up a holster.