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Milockie Hotel Room Safe Lock - Stories From Travelers Posted on TripAdvisor

The Truth about Hotel Room Safes Around the World - via TripAdvisor. 

Milockie Hotel Safe LockThefts from room safes occur all over the world and in all kinds of accommodations including resorts and cruise ships. Thefts from hotel room safes are increasing. Travelers continue to report money or other valuable possessions “mysteriously” disappearing from hotel room safes or cruise line cabin safes.

Unfortunately, when thefts from safes happen rarely is there evidence that a theft actually occurred because the safe is not damaged, leaving travelers to make a claim that has little support other than their word. The majority of these thefts occur because someone had access to a master key or master code to the room safe. 

The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock provides a solution to help keep your valuables safe from those who have access to the hotel room safes via the master override code. Go here for more information about the Milockie Hotel Room Safe Lock. 

The following is a sample of the comments left on Tripadvisor about theft from hotel room safes.


Think your money is safe in the hotel room safe? Think again—and beware

My wife and I recently went to Rome on vacation and stayed at the sleek, modern xxxx Hotel. On our first morning, we noticed some mold around the shower and called housekeeping to ask them to take care of it. Shortly thereafter we left the room.

I had stowed our passports, jewelry, credit cards, and cash in the in-room safe and had keyed in a code and locked it. We went to the lobby, dropped off our room key, and spent the day walking around the Eternal City.

When we returned, the front-desk clerk told us that the shower had been cleaned and the area around it repainted. As a result, we couldn't use the bathroom, so he assigned us another room. We packed up our belongings, but when I tried to open the safe, the code did not work and the display panel kept showing an error message. I called the front desk, and minutes later a hotel employee appeared with a handheld device that immediately opened the safe. He didn't ask us for, or need, the security code I had punched in that morning. I found the speed with which the small, easily concealed contraption unlocked the safe unnerving. I pulled out our valuables and discovered that some of our cash, about $500, had gone missing from the $2,000 that was there in the morning.

I immediately called the manager and told him about the theft. He suggested that we go to the local police station to file a report, which we did. Upon our return, the hotel manager advised us that he would handle our claim promptly and equitably.

A few days later, once we were back home, I called the xxx for an update on my claim. The manager assured me that it was being handled by the hotel's insurer and that I should not worry. But all I have been able to do is worry—after all, $500 is no small sum. Over the weeks, I have made numerous phone calls and sent multiple faxes and e-mails to the xxxx and its insurer—all to no avail. Every time I get through, I am told to wait a few weeks for the claim to be settled. The "few weeks" have now stretched to three months with no resolution in sight. Can you help me get my money back?

This review is the subjective opinion of a robbed traveler and not of 


Punta Cana:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPunta Cana: "Credit Cards Stolen

We returned home on June 24th, and on Monday, June 26th received a call from our bank stating unusual activity on our account. It turns out that there were fraudulent charges in the total amount of $1870 using our ATM card number in Brazil. We are xxxxxxx Vacation Club owners On the first day, we put our wallets and personal items in the safe. Our wallets stayed in the safe the entire week. We did not use our credit/debit cards at all. We believe someone came into our room, opened the safe   , and copied the numbers from our credit cards.

We now have to cancel all of our credit/debit cards, in addition to bouncing checks because the thief used our checking debit card. This is the first time this has ever happened to us. The security in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxcertainly leaves something to be desired. We believe someone who worked at the hotel with a master key to our room and safe entered our room and stole our credit card numbers. We had heard this happen to a colleague who used an ATM in DR, but assumed it was an isolated case. This has really put a black cloud on an otherwise enjoyable vacation and will prevent us from going there again.

This review is the subjective opinion of a robbed traveler and not of


No Matter Where You Stay

Hi everyone,

It does not matter what hotel you are staying at because it can happen anywhere. I would never use the safe in the room as it is often the place where the items are stolen. I lock all my important items including money in my large suitcase. No one can get into it or walk away with a large suitcase. I travel many times a year and I never had anything stolen. I stayed at different hotels and I know that people had items stolen from the safe very often.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a message to anyone going to the XXX, You will have an awesome time but there's a BUT. We went for my sister's wedding and she put all her money in the in room safe and on the last day she had £180 stolen from inside the locked safe !!

This review is the subjective opinion of a robbed traveler and not of


Ocho Rios: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: "Stolen Cash from Safe"

Just returned from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jamaica. I will never return nor would I ever recommend this resort. We were doing fine until our safe was accessed by an employee and we had cash money come up missing out of the safe. We were more or less called liars from the resort's security staff. The resort took no responsibility for anything. Our friends that traveled with us also had cash money taken out of a suit case.

My girlfriend entered her room 2 days prior to us departing to find their closet doors wide open closet lights on and their safe standing wide open!! Luckily they had nothing taken. These safes just don't open on their own. We talked to several other people at the resort and they also found their safes open upon entering their rooms but thought they had accidently left the door open. If you have already booked your vacation do not place anything of value in your safe. Leave it at home or keep it with you at all times. They only took cash.

We also told that one of the security guys had asked some kids if they wanted to smoke marijuana. You could get it right from the locals next door over by the piano bar.

The beach area is very small but never too crowded. The pools stays very busy. Xxxx  and  Xxxx at the bar was the best!! They always kept the place alive.

This review is the subjective opinion of a robbed traveler and not of


Cancun! Hotel El xxxxxxxx

I just got back from staying at El xxxxxx with 5 other girls and overall had an awesome time. 2 downfalls. Number 1:  Three of us got our money stolen. Now when it first happened it was bad cause my friend left it out on the desk..which meant someone went into our room and took it.

The next time it was stolen out of my friend's purse in the bottom of her bag, which means someone went into their room and looked through all her stuff. Then the last time they took it out of the safety deposit box...which f*ckin sucked! My advice - traveler's cheques people!

Number 2:  Second downfall...our beds were never changed...not that we cared since when we arrived home in the early hours of the morning we just passed out...but still...bed was a lil sandy.

Otherwise wicked hotel awesome friendly staff awesome beach would for sure go back again. Drinks were plentiful food was pretty good and the beach was too good to be much fun!

This review is the subjective opinion of a robbed traveler and not of


Hotel xxxxxxxxxxx

We stayed at the Hotel xxxxxxx and although we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Havana in April, it was despite the best efforts of the xxxxx Hotel.

We had booked two nights there at the beginning of our holiday, transferred to xxxxxxx for 10 days and another two nights at the xxxxx to finish.

Our transfer to xxxxxxx meant we had to leave the hotel at 4am. So we were half asleep when we left the hotel. On our arrival at xxxx we discovered that £180 had been taken from a wallet held in the room safe at the xxxxx. The safe in the room used the same key card as the door to the room. Looking back, this fundamental security flaw meant that it didn't require a rocket scientist to arrange for a copy to be made and used at an opportune time to have a quick look in a room safe to see what might be there.

We reported the theft to our tour operator xxxxx and a fax was sent from xxxxxxx to their Havana office on the same day. On our return 10 days later I had expected an investigation to have taken place but no one at xxxxx was aware of the fax until it was found a day later. All attempts to discuss the theft with a Hotel Offical were ignored and the xxxxx rep could not arrange a discussion with anyone about the theft either.

I would definitely try to book somewhere other than this hotel when visiting Havana again.

We met some wonderful, open and friendly people during our stay there, but none of them worked in this hotel. And for the record I wouldn't touch xxxxx with a barge pole either.

This review is the subjective opinion of a robbed traveler and not of


xxxxxxxxxxxx Costa Dorada

My husband, daughter and I have just returned from a 2 week Holiday at the xxxxxxxx Costa Dorada.

Please, please read this report if you are considering booking a holiday at the xxxxxx Costa Dorada as we ourselves booked this holiday after reading the rave reviews on different internet sites.

Good Points

English People - We made lots of new friends and the support from them was amazing. One lady that we didn't even know came running up to us when she was departing to say that she had 100 US Dollars left if we wanted them.

Food - A wide choice at breakfast from croissants and cheeses to a full English breakfast. The bacon was the best we've ever had on holiday. The smoothies are also a must.

Entertainers - Especially xxxxx  and xxxxxx The Lion King show is definitely the highlight of the holiday. It's the best show that we have ever seen performed by the entertainers and children.

Bad Points

We also had money stolen from our safe (700 US Dollars), £150 English Pounds and our flight tickets. We presume that they may have thought the tickets were Traveler's Cheques as they are in a book. The money was stolen when we were on a trip to Ocean World. A Rep. from Ocean World is present in the Hotel for at least 18 hours a day!

Guest Services

With the exception of xxxxxxx. Laughed at us when the theft was reported. Accused us of lying as they said that there was only ourselves and the Head of Security that can access the safes. Which is a lie on their behalf as all the security people walk around with screwdrivers and Duracell batteries on their belts to change the batteries on the safe when they have worn down. Lots of things didn't add up. A technician had been in our room when we hadn't reported a problem and they said that it was to fumigate it and there was one of the security guards with him when it was being done.

The room was not fumigated when they say as it had been done 2 or 3 days previously as we'd received a note the night before telling us to cover any food that was in the room and we could smell it when we returned. We had a telephone call 2 nights previous to the theft when we were getting ready to go for our evening meal. It was from a male with a Spanish accent asking, "Is Peter there? Sorry, wrong room Number". I was suspicious and left the T.V. on when we went for Dinner. I informed Guest Services that we were reporting the theft to the Police and they said that if we wanted to waste more money then that was up to us as nothing would be done and they would just laugh at us. I was also threatened by the Head of Guest Services, he said that as I'd been seen going around telling English people what had happened that I may not be going home when I should, as I myself was committing a crime as I couldn't prove that the money had been stolen from our safe! I believe that because we were insistent on going to the Police, we were terrorised on our last night. We received 2 telephone calls, yes from a male with a Spanish accent. The 1st said "It's Peter", then put the phone down, the 2nd call half an hour later said, "Is Peter there? My husband said, "Hang on a minute, who is it?" they then put the phone down.

We left the phone off the hook but we were too petrified to go to sleep that night as we thought that they were coming back for our packed suitcases. I would be very interested to find out how many people this has actually happened to. I couldn't believe it when I saw a report on your site dated May 2006. Why is this still going on and how backward are they in using the same name? The staff believes that nothing can be done as I told them I would try my best for our Holiday from Hell to be publicised so it isn't allowed to happen to anybody again and they laughed at me and said, "You try it". Apparently, xxxxxxxx sister company is one of the biggest hotels in Tenerife and that is why the staff believe they can't be touched.

This review is the subjective opinion of a robbed traveler and not of 


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