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Bag Packers- Set of Three
  • Bag Packers- Set of Three
  • Bag Packers- Set of Three
  • Bag Packers- Set of Three
  • Bag Packers- Set of Three

Packing Cubes, Set of 3


Model: 300-White

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Bag Packers- Set of Three Packing Cubes

This 3-pack set is designed for optimum organization and wrinkle-free packing. Each cube has a different size to keep items neat and easy to find. Packing experts have relied on packing cubes for years.

  • Transparent design provides quick content identification
  • Maximum organization and use of luggage space
  • TSA friendly facilitates today's security procedures
  • Reduces wrinkles 
  • 3 sizes in each set
  • Sizes:
    • Small: 9 " x 7.8" x .8"
    • Medium: 11" x 9" x 1.9"
    • Large: 11" x 18" x  2.3"

Ways to Use the Bag Packers

The large is ideal for -  shirts up to three dress shirts and more if you're packing T-shirts.
The medium is ideal for -  undergarments and ties. 
The small is ideal for -  toiletries or electronic cables and chargers.  

Maximize Space

This combination pack of three Go Travel Packing Cubes is a great time-saving innovation that allows you to keep all of your clothes and travel gear neatly packed and organized while maximizing valuable packing space.  You'll never get your shirts or small items caught in your luggage zipper again with this handy 3-piece packing organizer set.  

TSA Friendly

Each Go Travel Packing Organizer Set features the patented transparent panel, which is designed to provide a convenient and quick identification of the packing cube's contents without having to unzip the cube.  This is a great feature so airport TSA screening personnel can conduct quicker inspections of your luggage without having to touch everything inside.  The see-through panel is manufactured from strong, clear PVC material which easily wipes clean. 


The frame of the Go Travel Packing Cube is designed for long lasting durability; superior to so many other cubes we tested. Each packing cube zips fully open and closed. The Go Travel Bag Packers are made from a strong durable fabric and are perfect for storing clothing while traveling.  





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Bag Packers- Set of Three Specifications

Material: Polypropylene

Color: White


  • Small: 9 " x 7.8" x .8"
  • Medium: 11" x 9" x 1.9"
  • Large: 11" x 18" x 2.3"


Exceeded my expectations. Would like to have the option to buy three large cubes, also.


I love these cubes and can't believe I traveled without using packing cubes for so long! Light weight, they kept my clothes organized. I put the cubes in my drawer in the hotel., I could find what I needed and it seems that I could pack more using these. If you haven't traveled with packing cubes, you have to try these! I am buying another set as a bon-voyage gift today.