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 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $50+   continental US only

Retractable Trifold Leather Wallet
  • Retractable Trifold Leather Wallet
  • Interior View without rewind cable
  • Interior View WITH Cable attached
  • Rewind loss-less wallet
  • Retractable Trifold Leather Wallet

Retractable Trifold Leather Wallet


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Anti-Theft Rewind Wallet with Removable Retractable and Tethered Cable

Use the trifold leather wallet with or without the retractable and tethered security cable

This Duo Lossless Wallet is designed to stay with you, no matter how extreme the situation. This wallet makes an ideal partner in busy urban life, or while traveling staying securely attached to you or your personal gear.

Retractable Trifold Leather Travel Wallet with cable

  • Popular tri-fold style
  • Detachable and tethered stainless steel rewind cable
  • Stylish water shedding  leather
  • Transparent Mesh ID window
  • 5 credit card compartments (holds 10 cards)
  • Currency compartment


Rewind Security Wallet System

Retractable Trifold Leather Wallet Rewind Cable

Until now, the only solution for keeping your wallet attached to you was a chain wallet. The retractable cable security wallet is the new solution for wallet security. The rewind wallet, also known as a retractor wallet features a retention rewind cable system. This wallet's security cable extends up to a length of 27 inches (70cm), so it can be utilized without inconvenience. The steel braid wallet security cable has a nylon safety coating making it safety friendly. The Rewind Wallet Security System is spring-loaded into its housing, leaving only the belt locking device exposed.

Fitted with twin spring-gate, swiveling carabiners, it clips to the wallet via a leather connector. The retractable cable can be disconnected from the wallet and used independently for holding keys, a knife, or other small tools. 

This wallet design is great when you're highly active like riding a motorcycle or bike and are concerned about losing your wallet. As you pedal, the movement of your pants across the seat can cause the wallet to dislodge and fall out. It's the ideal security wallet for thwarting pickpockets too.  By using the Andorra Rewind Duo Wallet, the wallet may still fall out, however, its security cable automatically retracts the wallet back to your belt.   

The protective RFID Blocking technology, featured in the RFID Blocking Scanner Guard Card Kit combo, blocks unauthorized RFID readers from accessing your sensitive personal information embedded in debit and credit cards.  


Rewind Security Wallet Design Features

The Rewind Wallet, also known as a retractable chain wallet, is made from high-quality water-shedding leather.  It is designed for the active and adventurous user. The action leather is perforated, polyurethane coated and water resistant. The design of the Andorra Rewind Duo Lossless Wallet is the popular tri-fold style which conveniently folds up into itself. 

Retractable Trifold Leather WalletRewind Security Wallet Material

The security wallet’s leather material is also polyurethane coated which makes it highly water-resistant and easy to clean with water and sponge. It is also resistant to sweat and other liquids. It will last for many years without showing wear. The perforations are included for a sporty look but also add ventilation to allow the wallet and contents to dry faster and reduce the weight.

“Fuel Gauge” Quick Cash Check Alert Window  Retractable Trifold  Leather Wallet

The Rewind Duo security wallet features a rear panel "fuel gauge" indicator window.  This window allows you to do a discrete and quick visual check of your wallet to tell whether you have cash.   It is also a great way to quickly count foreign currency while traveling without opening your wallet in public places.  Simply stagger the bills vertically in the wallet when you insert them, then look through the window and count the stripes. 

Hold up to 10 Credit Cards 

Five individual, standard size credit card compartments and can hold up to ten credit cards. 

Identification Compartment

The I.D. window is made of a translucent mesh, it prevents the window from peeling the ink off un-laminated documents. Additionally, the mesh won’t crack or shrink like the PVC window material found in other wallets.

Currency Compartment

Dimensions: 8" x 4"
Capacity: 10 to 13 domesticor international bills.

How to Use the Civilian Lab Andorra Rewind Wallet

Simply attach the one end of the Lossless Rewind Duo wallet’s security clips to a belt loop, buttonhole, or bag.  The security belt clip stays attached by using a carabiner type device.  Once attached, simply slide your wallet into your pants pocket. 

The Rewind Lossless Wallet’s security cable will automatically extend itself, allowing for the wallet to be placed in the pocket.  The wallet’s security cable keeps constant tension once it is extracted from the wallet.   



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 Rewind Security Wallet Specifications

  • Size: 4.4 x 0.4 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Color: Black leather
  • Wallet Fastener: The wallet is held closed by dual magnetic clasps. 

Rewind Security System Retractor Specifications

  • Retractor Diameter: 1/2 inch (5cm)
  • Retractor TypeHubless, Spiral Spring Retractor, 35mm in diameter
  • Retractor Cable:Diameter thickness of 0.8mm., and 27 ½ inches (70cm) in length. Stainless steel braid with nylon safety coating.
  • Retractor Biner Clip: Both security clasps are chrome plated, swivel, and are secured by a wire gate spring carabineers.
  • Weight: 35 grams



This is the perfect gift for my son. He leaves his wallet everywhere but is not the guy to wear a chain.


Nice quality