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RFID HiddenTravel Pocket
  • RFID HiddenTravel Pocket
  • RFID HiddenTravel Pocket
  • RFID HiddenTravel Pocket
  • RFID HiddenTravel Pocket
  • RFID HiddenTravel Pocket
  • RFID HiddenTravel Pocket
  • RFID HiddenTravel Pocket

RFID Blocking Hidden Travel Pocket

Model: 63313

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Shoulder holster style travel pocket

RFID Blocking Hidden Shoulder Wallet - The Travel Pocket

Keep your travel documents, money and financial information secured from thieves. This RFID Hidden Travel Pocket is worn like a holster under your jacket, and it's as easy as putting on a shirt. For increased security, it has an additional belt strap. 

  • RFID Protected- Protects Your Identity

  • Wears Under Your Arm - Keeping Your Valuables Hidden From Pickpockets

  • Velcro Pocket Keeps Your Valuables Secured and Close to Your Body

  • Two Pockets - Allows for Carrying Passport, Credit Cards, Cash, and Other Small Valuables

  • One Size Fits All Body Types - Male and Female - Fully Adjustable

Video - RFID Hidden Travel Shoulder Pocket Wallet

Easy and Quick Access 

Unlike other hidden wallets or belts, you have easy access getting what you need in and out. It can be worn right handed or left handed. You can fit your passport, credit cards, boarding pass, cash in the wallet. 

Hidden Shoulder Wallet Keeps Hidden From Pickpockets

The RFID Blocking Shoulder Wallet Travel Pocket does not look like a typical travel wallet. Thanks to the positioning as a shoulder wallet, it is hidden from view and very difficult to get to without your knowledge. 

Rather than leaving your wallet relatively exposed in your back or front pocket (yes, many pickpockets are so good they can steal a wallet from there too - especially when worn in loose-fitting pants), the RFID Shoulder Wallet Travel Pocket is actually strapped to your body, making it very difficult for a thief to make off with your belongings.  While this shoulder wallet works well when worn with a jacket, it can be easily worn under a sweater or loose fitting shirt or blouse for concealment.

Keep Your Valuables Secure and Close to Your Body

The RFID Travel Pocket is securely attached to you, which means pickpockets are unable to remove it like they do with wallets.  It has a Velcro Type Hook & Loop closure, as well as a strap that is secured to your belt.  No one but you will be able to open it. You no longer have to leave things behind in the hotel safe.

Hidden RFID Blocking Shoulder Wallet

Easy to Put On

Slip one arm in and then the other. From one shoulder to the other. Like a holster.  The RFID Travel Pocket is adjustable and elastic, which means it moves with you, so it is comfortable to wear even while you sleep.

Because the Travel Pocket is worn under your arm it won't irritate your hip or cause sciatic nerve pain. 

Made from Durable Materials - Built to Last 

The RFID Travel Pocket is made with 400 Denier Nylon to resist tearing and cutting.  The adjustable belt is polypropylene webbing, which is what race car safety netting is made of. The Travel Pocket will remain safe and secure with its contents inside.

RFID Protection Shields Your Credit Cards and Passports from "Electronic Pickpocketing"

The bonus of RFID ensures your identity and personal information stays personal! Many credit cards, passports, and licenses now contain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that lets you simply wave your credit card, passport or license in front of a nearby scanner instead of having to slide the magnetic stripe through it.  

That is where the use of the RFID protection embedded into this Travel Pocket comes into play.  By carrying your RF enabled credit cards or passport in this pocket your personal information is protected.

made in the usa


The RFID Travel Pocket is proudly made in the United States, from all U.S. materials. 


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Video Demonstration of the RFID Hidden Travel Shoulder Pocket Wallet

RFID HiddenTravel Pocket Specifications

Pocket Material: Urethane Coated 400 Denier Nylon

Belt Material: Polypropylene

One Size Fits All - Fully Adjustable

Pocket Dimensions: L - 6" x W - .01" x H - 8.5"

Can be worn: Right Handed and Left handed

Color: Black

UPC: 863313000002

Made in the USA

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