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RFID Blocking Wallet
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RFID Blocking Wallet

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Travelon RFID Blocking Wallet 

You lock your car, and your house, why not lock your personal data as well?  This RFID  blocking wallet protects your identity by shielding your personal information from unauthorized RFID access to your personal information.

RFID Blocking Wallet


The Travelon RFID Blocking Wallet is perfect for anyone who wants additional security for their credit cards and Passport ID Card! No longer just for travel this wallet protects your identity every day. 

The protective RFID Blocking Wallet will not only organize your passport card, credit cards, and money, but it blocks unauthorized RFID readers from accessing your sensitive personal information embedded in debit and credit cards, as well.


RFID Blocking Wallet Looks and Functions Like a Regular Bi- fold Wallet

The Travelon RFID blocking wallet looks just like any other wallet, however, embedded inside the leather, is a RFID protective layer that prevents RFID scanners from accessing your cards' data.  The wallet features 6 credit card slots and 2 separate compartments for currency.  The RFID Blocking Wallet can be used to protect digital information embedded in a variety of RFID enabled cards such as:

  • New contactless credit cards
  • US Passport Cards
  • Enhanced Driver's Licenses such as Washington, Michigan, New York, plus more
  • Many transit cards such as the DC Metro and Boston Charlie™ card
  • sQuid cards used in Europe 

Video Demonstration of the Travelon RFID Blocking Billfold Wallet - Model 82025


Prevents "Electronic Pickpocketing"

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that lets you simply wave your credit card, passport or license in front of a nearby scanner instead of having to slide the magnetic stripe through it.  It’s a fairly simple concept. The electronic scanner sends a signal which is received by an antenna embedded in the card, which is connected to the card's RF chip, thus activating it.

The apparent benefits of RFID credit card transactions are convenience, speed and the elimination of employee contact with the card. However, an easily obtained hand-held skimmer or reader can hi-jack the information on a RF enabled card and use the information for fraudulent purposes. 

That where the use of the RFID Blocking Wallet comes into play. By placing your RF enabled cards into this case, they are protected from being “hi-jacked” by an unauthorized person. 

Video Demonstration of How RFID Theft Occurs and How This Product Prevents it


What Kind of Electronic Information is Inside Your New US Passport ID, Electronic PASS or NEXUS Card?

Many changes have occurred to US entry documents over the last several years.  Among new options are the chipped "e-passport," and the new, electronic PASS card - both credit-card sized, now include an RFID (radio frequency identification data) chip, all of which hold varying types of your information.  Each card (depending on the Government organization or private company that issues a card that is "chipped" embeds varying amount of your information on these cards.  

In US Passports, the chip stores the same information that is printed within the passport and includes a digital picture of the owner. The chips are meant to cut down on human error of immigration officials, speed the processing of visitors, and safeguard against counterfeit passports.  When it comes to the new Passport ID's and PASS Cards, those are told to store only "pointer" information.

In 2009, electronic readers and displays for NEXUS identification cards are lined-up at a border crossing from Canada into the United States at Blaine, Wash. The NEXUS card, with an embedded radio frequency identification, or RFID, chip, can be read up to 20 feet away, it's purpose is to allow pre-screened travelers expedited processing though dedicated traffic lanes between the U.S. and Canada,

Unfortunately, with all of these various Government ID's, hackers have figured out how to scan those chips too, gaining access to personal and financial data that can result in identity theft.  CNN reported that some RFID chips can be read from as far as 10 feet away. To learn more about how RFID hackers can obtain electronic information from your passport, read this CNN story from their website.


More Information About RFID Blocking Wallets

RFID chips are a part of our lives. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Devices and they are tiny, passive radio transmitters that are placed in products to prevent theft and now in identification cards and credit cards to speed up transactions. They contain your personal information which if in the wrong hands can be used to commit identity theft. 

These passive transmitters lie dormant until activated by a nearby RFID reader that sends a strong radio current that powers them on and makes them send out their signal. The double bars that you walk through at the department store are RFID readers, they send out a strong signal that makes the chips "speak"if detected.

All a thief has to do to build a reader device is look for plans on the internet and he can be stealing credit card numbers the next day.

That's where people can protect their information with the use of a RFID blocking wallet. These wallets contain a metal fiber mesh that makes a "cage" around the chip that radio waves cannot penetrate. If you think this is all just tinfoil hat paranoia stuff you are mistaken. Chances are that right now you are walking around with a small radio transmitter on your person. If your credit card, passport or driver's license has a RFID chip your identity is at risk.

For further information on RFID, please click here! 



Travelon RFID Wallet Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.5" x 1"
  • Material: 1680 D. Ballistic Nylon with Leather Trim
  • 6 Credit Card Slots
  • 2 Dividers for currency
  • Weight: 3 oz

CA Residents: "Prop 65" labeling

Video Demonstration of the Travelon RFID Blocking Billfold Wallet - Model 82025


Video Demonstration of How RFID Theft Occurs and How This Product Prevents it


travelon RFID icon RFID Blocking 

Imagine the stress and inconvenience if your credit card information was cloned and you had to organize replacements far from home. It could ruin a vacation or seriously disrupt a business trip. By carrying an affordable Travelon RFID blocking wallet, data skimming is one thing you will never have to worry about. Bank cards, passports and government-issued identity cards may be very high-tech, but so too is wireless identify theft. Card-skimming thieves carry concealed devices that can secretly collect and encode personal information via radio signals. Packed subways, busy markets and tourist hotspots are prime for digital pickpockets to saunter past, harvesting your personal data to clone your ID and bank cards without them ever leaving your wallet. The solution RFID blocking wallets, organizers and waist packs provide peace of mind and complete protection by preventing thieves from remotely "reading" your personal data. Learn more about RFID enabled cards and passports.


Video Demonstration of How RFID Blocking Material Works



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