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Secret Hidden Sliding Belt Loop Wallet
  • Secret Hidden Sliding Belt Loop Wallet
  • Secret Sliding Travel Belt Loop Wallet
  • Secret Sliding Travel Belt Loop Wallet
  • Secret Hidden Sliding Belt Loop Wallet
  • Secret Sliding Travel Belt Loop Wallet
  • Secret Sliding Travel Belt Loop Wallet

Secret Hidden Sliding Belt Loop Wallet


Model: 007018

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Discreet Secret Sliding Belt Loop Travel Wallet

Slip this wallet onto your belt and tuck it inside your waistband. With a belt loop wallet, you can't misplace it, and it is protected from slick fingered pickpockets. What makes this Secret Sliding Belt Loop Wallet different from other money belt loop wallets is that it is designed exactly like a regular wallet, not just a travel pouch so you'll use it every day even if you're not wearing a belt. Your choice to slide it into your pocket or onto your belt. What also makes this Secret Sliding Belt Loop Wallet a wise choice is that it includes a free wallet recovery service if your wallet is ever lost and found by someone who wants to return it.

  • Lightweight and durable polyester
  • Double sewn for strength
  • Moisture wicking resists odors
  • Closed size: 4.5” x 5” inches ( Will not hold pasport)

This hidden travel wallet is extremely difficult for pickpockets to remove because it is secured to your belt, yet its slim design makes it comfortable to wear and very easy to access. You'll want to use the loop feature when there is a chance of losing your wallet such as when riding a bike, motorcycle, or going on amusement rides. This Sliding Belt Loop Wallet is very discreet and does not show under your clothes. It lays flat against your body. Highly secure, zippers and velcro straps make sure your items can't accidentally fall out.

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The protective RFID Blocking technology, featured in the RFID Blocking Scanner Guard Card kit combo, blocks unauthorized RFID readers from accessing your sensitive personal information embedded in debit and credit cards.  

3 Ways to Wear the Hidden Sliding Belt Loop Wallet

Attached to belt flip it up and tuck it into your pants so it is hidden. It will hang down inside your pants or skirt along the front of your thigh.  If you need it give a tug on the strap and pull it up and out. The Hidden Belt Loop Wallet loop is black in color and will fit belts up to 3 1/2 inches wide.

Attach it to the lining of your pocket or your waistband of your pants with one or more large safety pins.

Use is a regular wallet you slide into your pocket.

Hidden Belt Loop Travel Wallet Storage Compartments

Zippered  Currency Compartment 

Dimensions: 9" x 3.5".  Holds longer items: tickets, US dollars, and Euros.  Divider allows you to separate different country currencies.

Secret Hidden Sliding Belt Loop Wallet

Zippered Mesh Compartment - Medium

A 4" x 3" zippered pocket with a see-through nylon mesh window provides a quick visual of contents. This is a great pocket for change.

Credit Card Storage Pockets

Embedded into the other side of the wallet are three (3) staggered credit card slots which hold up to 9 credit cards.  A Velcro security tab covers all of the slots to prevent the cards from falling out. 

Slide In Pockets

Located on each side of the wallet, behind the zippered medium pocket and the credit card slots is a slide in pocket for additional cards, receipts, etc.. Each of the two slide in pockets measures 4" by 3".

Free Lost Wallet Recovery Service

free lost & found service for travel belt wallet

Includes a Lost Wallet Recovery Service which is completely free-of-charge with no strings attached. No other travel wallet has this feature which can be extremely valuable - especially when traveling.

This lost wallet service is very simple to use when someone finds this wallet they will see that it has a unique individual I.D. number with specific instruction on how to bring finder and owner together easily and quickly.  This is a great service, especially if you're traveling! 

Inside the currency pocket is a tag that has its own unique serial number embedded into the tag, along with the statement:  " If Found - Please Contact and enter in the below identify code:  xxxxxxx".



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Hiddent Sliding Travel Security Wallet Features

  • Unisex - worn by both men and women
  • Retrieve or secure your money in seconds with the uniquely designed sliding system.
  • Discreet travel wallet slides inside pant waist to protect valuables from potential pickpockets.
  • Slim design is virtually undetectable under clothes.
  • Suitable for cash, credit cards, (Note: Does NOT fit passport)
  • Made of extra-soft material for added comfort.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Anti-Theft flap and zippered compartment for extra security.
  • Free Lost & Found Recovery Service - In case your wallet is lost and found by someone.

Secret Hidden Sliding Belt Loop Wallet Specifications

  • Material: Washable polyester
  • Closed size: 4.5” x 5” inches (11.5 cm x 12 cm)
  • Open size: 10" by 4.5" inches
  • Belt Loop Size: Fits belts up to 3.5 inches wide
  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Color: Black with black belt loop 
  • Model Number: 7018
  • UPC Code: 5018404007128


CA Residents "Prop 65" labeling 


Haven't tried it yet but look good quality.


This wallet would be perfect if it held a passport too, it's too small for that. Good quality with pockets that zip close so nothing falls out. comfortable, no too bulky.