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Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties
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Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties

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Travelon Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties

By now you are aware that you can lock your luggage, as long as you only use TSA locks but what if you don’t want to spend the money on those locks and want to forego the hassle of keys or remembering lock combinations? You now have a solution.  Travelon Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties provide a low cost, disposable alternative to TSA accepted luggage locks. The Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties alert you if your bag has been opened, or unauthorized items have been placed inside without your knowledge. 

These one time use Secure-A- Bag Luggage Cable Ties are made of tough plastic and are virtually impossible to open with bare hands. 

Each bag of  Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties has sixty (60) brightly colored cable ties.  The bright colors can help you identify your black luggage at a crowded airport carousal. 

If you or TSA need to enter your bags, the Travelon Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties are easily clipped off easily with one of the two clippers provided. (In 2005, TSA has changed the rules allowing travelers to carry nail clippers on board commercial aircraft).                                                   

Luggage Cable Ties Fit Through Luggage Zipper-Pulls.

Included Items:

  • One bag of 60 assorted color Secure-a-Bag luggage cable ties
  • One handy carry bag with Zip-Lock seal
  • 2 security friendly clippers

Secure-A-Bag Luggage Cable Ties Specifications

  • Material:  Polyester
  • Size:  4.25” x 2.63” x 0.88”
  • Cable ties fit through locking zipper pulls
  • Ties clip off easily with clippers
  • 60 assorted color cable ties
  • 2 security-friendly clippers