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Security Travel Purses and Anti-Theft Handbags for Peace of Mind

 Why Travel with an Anti-theft, Security Purse? 

Travel Purses Anti-theft Handbags

Good question. The answer is to protect your valuables from pickpockets and theft.  Ask any member of a U.S Consulate what is the number one problem faced by travelers when abroad. The answer is the same, no matter if you are in Berlin, Timbuktu or Mali....theft!  Not robbery, not burglary, not car-jacking...theft! 

After speaking with Resident Security Officers (RSO's) from embassies around the globe, all recommend that travelers need to be especially careful of pickpockets and sneak thieves, particularly if you carry a purse or travel bag. The obvious solution is to not take anything of value with you. However, that's not very practical. The bottom line is; it is up to you to keep your valuables such as your wallet, money, and passport safe. Selecting a security purse is an excellent way to thwart professional thieves who target tourists. Travelon anti theft cross body shoulder bag, travel bag,with RFID technology

Professional pickpockets and to a lesser extent "cut and run thieves" are prevalent in many tourist popular destinations. Their purpose in life is to target women's purses because they usually contain items of value.

One popular modus operandi (MO) involves thieves walking up behind an unsuspecting traveler. Posing as travelers themselves, they blend into the crowd. It is while their mark, you, is momentarily distracted by the crowd in the subway or marketplace, that they reach in your bag and steal. Some thieves are so good they are able to slide open zippers undetected to get inside the bag. 

Travel Purses Anti-theft HandbagsMore alarming, some professional and opportunistic thieves have been known to simply cut a victim's purse strap from the rear, allowing the entire purse to fall into the nimble hands of a 16-year old track star. Other cut and run thieves will very skillfully cut the bottom or side of your purse while you are standing up in a packed subway or train car.  With all of the natural "jostling" around and the sheer amount of fellow travelers jam packed up against one another, you do not feel or see the thief cutting your purse. Often these thieves use costs or large bags to shield "their work." 

You might say, "How can that happen, I would feel my purse falling away." Remember that the true professional pickpocket has honed his/her skill on many other prior victims. They know how to distract you in a crowded place by bumping into you, or by having an accomplice distract your attention. Before you even realize what happened, your purse and all of its valuable contents are gone! Another more blatant crime, which unfortunately is common in this country also, involves grabbing a purse from behind with a quick and swift pull, causing the strap to separate from the bag at the seam, and possibly causing bodily harm as you fall down from the jolt.


Anti-theft Travel Bags Offer Various Security Solutions!

A security travel purse provides anti-theft features to keep your valuables secure. The most important ones to look for are:

Security Shoulder Strap

Most security shoulder bags and purses have straps with, slice-resistant, flexible stainless steel braided cables hidden within them. These cables protect the shoulder strap from being cut Braided Cable inside a security strapand help provide additional strength from the strap being yanked out of the purse body.  These cables are typically embedded in the entire length of each shoulder strap.  Usually, the steel cables are 1/16inch in diameter and made up of seven individual stainless steel strands, which are then woven into a hex pattern to increase the cables strength. Despite their strength, the straps are flexible and comfortable to wearHere is a photograph of a purse strap with the outer material cut away. Two flexible stainless steel cables are woven into the sides of the strap with double stitching.

This unique feature stops "cut and run" thieves from slicing your purse strap from behind and fleeing with your bag. We recommend wearing your bag cross body style, shoulder to opposite hip whenever possible. It's an added deterrent to thieves.

Purse Zipper Locks


Anti-theft purse zipper locks

Another must have purse security feature is the zipper lock, which is a must when in crowded locations. Female thieves (yes, women) like to target other women in locations such as train platforms, crowded streets, market places or where they can blend in right behind or next to them without drawing attention t

When a thief gets close behind or next to you in a crowded location, they can easily unzip your purse, slither their hand into the main compartment, and then remove your wallet, camera, or other valuables within seconds - all without your knowledge or awareness of the crime.o themselves. 

Stop this type of theft by using a purse which has a built-in zipper lock to provide a tamperproof solution to thwart pickpockets. Zipper locks found on travel handbags are designed to keep a zipper closed and locked by the use of a spring-loaded metal clip sewn into the base of the strap so it can lock down the zipper pull. When used, a purse zipper lock requires two hands to open, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for even the most experienced pickpocket to gain access to your bag without your knowledge. However, you can easily open it.  And if you don't think you need to use the discrete zipper lock, you don't have to.


Detachable Strap Feature on a security travel purse

Anti-Snatch Shoulder Straps

Another great anti-theft feature is the anti-snatch shoulder strap that unhooks from one end of a purse so the strap can be looped through a chair back and back onto the bag.  This ingenious feature is very easy to use, and it will keep your purse next to you even when you're momentarily distracted. 

Wire meshh anti-theft technology cut away in a travel purse

Anti-Slash Panels

These are flexible panels of plastic or steel mesh that are embedded in between the inside and outside fabric of the purse. They act as hidden barriers to thwart bag slashers and to keep your valuables inside your purse.  

What is the Best Material for a Security Purse?

You want a travel bag which is lightweight, looks good and is functional in addition to having security features. Most security handbags are made of a Microfiber, nylon or leather, so you can find one which suits your needs.

How Many Styles of Anti-Theft Travel Bags are There?

Travel security purses and handbags are designed to look like any other purse. You will find them in a variety of colors, styles ,and sizes all which are flattering, functional and lightweight.  Below are listings of a few of our favorite styles. You'll be sure to find one just right to make your travels comfortable and worry-free! 

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