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Self-inflating Neck Pillow- Komfort Kollar
  • Self-inflating Neck Pillow- Komfort Kollar
  • Self-inflating Neck Pillow- Komfort Kollar
  • Self-inflating Neck Pillow- Komfort Kollar

Self Inflating Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow

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Self Inflating Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow – The Best Inflatable Travel Pillow- Item has been discontinued

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If you are on a long flight your options for achieving good sleep and avoiding painful neck cramps are very limited. You can roll up a shirt or jacket, lean on the person next to you, or try to sleep without being woken up by your head falling forward or to the side. This travel pillow will eliminate that. No Blowing, it inflates itself.


Your other option is to buy a regular U-shaped pillow, they allow your head to droop forward or to the side during sleep.  Either way, if you do get to sleep, you have a good chance of waking up with a stiff neck, which for some, takes days to go away.


Self-Inflating Komfort Kollar:

To insure the right fit you need to know your neck's circumference. To measure your neck size, use a measuring tape or string to determine how long (i.e. around) it is. Necks vary in size, which is why the Self Inflating Komfort Kollar Airline Pillow is easily adjustable using the Velcro strap. Here is the sizing chart:


Large to X-Large 16" to 17.5"


A Komfort Kollar Doctor to the Rescue

At 30,000 feet in the air, Dr. Cheatham, a spine surgeon with over 35 years of experience treating neck pain, saw how ineffective and uncomfortable regular travel pillows were and set out to make his own pillow that that would be more comfortable for the traveler.  He looked at every travel and neck pillow on the market, carefully charting both the advantages and poor design features of each.

Outstanding Design Features Not Found On Any Other Travel Pillow. After examining and testing all of the other travel pillows Dr. Cheatham focused his design attention on supporting the traveler’s cervical spine, and the surrounding neck area from every angle, including the chin.  After building in the necessary features to address these issues, the Komfort Kollar was born - the world’s most comfortable neck support system.

Knowing that the Komfort Kollar's main benefit needed to be focused on supporting the traveler’s cervical spine and surrounding neck area from every angle, including the chin. 

The Komfort Kollar’s number one design feature is its ability to support the chin, so that while a traveler is sitting, their head wouldn't droop forward, or to the side, resulting in a painful awakening from hyper flexion. That’s the magic of the Komfort Kollar.

The Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow is Completely Adjustable!  Made to Fit Your Neck- Not Everyone Else’s

Unlike other inflatable travel pillows which cannot be adjusted, the Komfort Kollar is completely adjustable for every traveler's personal comfort level.

This is the pillows true magic - especially when compared against other inflatable travel pillows on the market today.  Instead of having to blow into a tiny valve (which for many travelers is very difficult) to inflate the travel pillow, simply unscrew the high durability, built-in automatic air-lock valve and the Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow automatically inflates itself.

This design enables the travel pillow to adjust automatically to the amount of support and firmness you personally desire. After use, simply compress roll or fold to fit it easily inside your travel bag, pocket, briefcase, or purse. 

Komfort Kollar's Comfort Material

When Dr. Cheatham designed the Komfort Kollar, he also took into account that it must last the rigors of air travel, be soft against the skin, and not get hot like the other travel pillows. To address this issue, he made the Komfort Kollar with the following features:

Each Sefl-Inflating Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow is made from "flocked PVC" vinyl.  The material is designed to be long lasting.  The “Flocked PVC” is a unique, high quality material not found on other travel pillows.  It provides a softness that feels comfortable when resting against the face. It is dark blue in color to hide those infamous stains that happen when we sleep. It is also easily washable by hand.

A final benefit in the material in which the Komfort Kollar is made from is that its patented design allows the material which comes in contact with the skin to stay cool and prevents the heat buildup found in other cheaper travel pillows.

Recommended by the Wall Street Journal!

The Wall St. Journal's recently did a story on the Komfort Kollar when they were looking to find the best travel pillow, at the best price.  The newspaper testers judged the Komfort Kollar against four other competitors (including Bucky and Tempur-Pedic). The inflatable Komfort Kollar beat them all with the Journal's testers declaring it "best overall, best value" and "the winner." 

Additional Features of the Komfort Kollar:

The Komfort Kollar offers 360 degrees of neck support, including the crucial chin area where your head will tend to droop when you sleep in a sitting position. You can adjust the fit to your own comfort level thanks to a one-inch-wide "primary velcro" patch on the right side of the chin strap.

  • The Self-Inflating Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow is made of a soft, hand washable material called "flocked PVC" that is cool against the skin and prevents the heat buildup found in other cheaper travel pillows.

  • The Self-inflating Komfort Kollar travel pillow is feather light.  At just 0.22 lbs for the Medium/Large model, and when de-compressed, easily fits in your carry-on bag between long flights.

We invite you to try the self-inflating Komfort Kollar travel pillow. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price, or a replacement.

If you need a travel pillow that will go as many miles as you do, keep your neck in proper posture, and help you sleep between destinations, we can ship you one in time for your next departure. And remember,  "Your neck doesn't deserve better -- it deserves the BEST!"  So before your next flight, try a Komfort Kollar! 

Komfort Kollar Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't these the same pillows people wear after a car accident? No. They may bear a small resemblance, but these are fundamentally different from cervical pillows that physicians prescribe to immobilize a patient's neck. In stark contrast, the Komfort Kollar is designed to give you freedom of movement as you sleep while preventing your neck from flexing at angles that will cause muscle strain and the all too familiar "crick-in-the-neck." The Komfort Kollar is not a medical product. It is a comfort product.

It looks constricting to me. Is it? Actually, the Komfort Kollar is designed to be relatively loose around your neck, and choosing the right size is key to finding the right fit. When the Wall St. Journal's travel writers tested it themselves, they reported, "your neck will thank you." When worn properly, the inflatable model gently cradles your head.

I've been disappointed by other pillows. How is this any different? Cheap pillows don't offer you better sleep, they just cost less. What makes the Komfort Kollar worth the extra cost is its 360 degrees of support that gently cradles your head the way a top spine surgeon knows it should. Furthermore, the Kollar has been strengthened at key stress points to stand up to repeated use from one trip to the next.

How does the Kollar feel against the skin? The flocked PVC material is designed for long, soft and cool wear against the skin.

Travelon Self-Inflating Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow Specifications

  • Weight: 7 oz and 8.5 ounces

  • Color: Black 

  • Size: Large 16" - 17.5"

  • Dimensions: 3.5 inches high x 8.5 inches wide x 10 inches long

  • Model 12718-500 and 12719-500

  • UPC No. 025732022069

  • Two Year Warranty - No More Worries About Quality

CA Residents: "Prop 65 Labeling"


How To Deflate: 

To stow in your carry on, simply open the valve and roll.

Once deflated, seal it close by twisting the valve shut.