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Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow
  • Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow
  • Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow
  • Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow
  • Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow
  • Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow
  • Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow

Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow


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Self Inflating Travel Pillow for Neck and Lumbar Support 

Do you constantly try to adjust your sitting position to find just the right position which provides the necessary support, while flying? Now you have an easy to pack solution. The self-inflating travel pillow relieves pressure on the spine and offers additional support to load-bearing back muscles on long trips. 

As a pillow for your head it cradles it so it won't bob side to side. This pillow is not as bulky as the more traditional bead filled pillows and deflates down nice and small for easy packing. 


Self Inflating Travel Pillow is Easy to Inflate and Deflate

The Travelon Self Inflating Neck and Lumbar Pillow is one of the easiest travel pillows to inflate and what makes this pillow different from the rest is its unique self inflating “lock and blow valve.”

Self Inflating Neck & Lumbar Pillow

Drawing on pressure mapping technology, inside the travel pillow is a die-cut, soft open-cell urethane foam which is added to reduce pressure along the spine or comfort to cradle your head.

This feature also maintains the density on the sides of the pillow for lateral support. When you open the valve, the foam expands, self-inflating. If desired for additional firmness, you can inflate the pillow to a higher level of compression by blowing additional air into the valve.

Because of the travel pillow’s impressive self-inflating properties, its inflation, thickness and softness level can be easily and infinitely adjusted with one hand to add critical comfort to bad seats everywhere. You decide on the support level you want for your back or head, ranging from soft to firm support. 

When ready to use, just unscrew the air cap and the self inflating travel pillow quietly self-inflates. 

Put the pillow behind your back or neck, loosen the cap as you lean back and you can compress the pillow to just the right shape and size for your comfort. When you tighten the cap, the pillow will hold that shape. 


To deflate, simply unscrew the valve, and roll the pillow up to remove the air. It deflates easily and rolls up small to fit in your bag or carry-on without difficulty.

Back Comfort Hint:

Occasionally modifying the amount of inflation will alter your position slightly and can help reduce back fatigue.


Comfortable Material is Cool and Breathable with a Clever Shape

The Travelon Inflatable Lumbar Pillow is covered in a soft stretch-knit polyester fabric, which is soft to the skin. Bow-tie shaped pillows are often recommended for neck and lumbar support.


Self-Inflating Pillow is Well Made to Provide Years of Use

The inflatable travel pillow is extremely well-made, unlike many other inflatables that fall apart after a few uses. The outside seams of the pillow are heat welded together so they won't split, and the valve is quality made.

The outside of the pillow is covered with, a nylon and polyester material which feels good against the skin in warm or cold weather. 


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Self-Inflating Neck and Lumbar Pillow Specifications

  • Size Inflated: 15” x 8” x 3” 
  • Weight: 5 ounces 
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Color: Black
  • Model number: 12510
  • UPC Code: 025732013555 


Saved my life in Safari truck in Africa. I used it solely as a lumbar support. The safari trucks bounce a great deal on rough terrain and this support was just what I needed. Small size and weight nice.