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SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe
  • SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe
  • Pistol Safe
  • Pistol Safe

SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe


Model: PP1K

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SentrySafe Portable Safe with Lockdown Steel Cable

The Portable Safe by SentrySafe is a reliable solution for securing your valuables inside a well-made mobile safe that you can lock down in your vehicle or to any fixed object - a great feature when security is needed in an office, hotel or other location.

The SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe packs the strength of solid steel stationary safe but is flexible for when you’re on-the-go thanks to its strong steel tethering or lock-down the cable. It's a powerful security solution when traveling with your firearm or other valuables you need to protect.


Video Demonstration of the Portable Safe by SentrySafe


Portable Safe Includes Flexible Steel Tethering Cable To Lock Down Safe To Fixed Objects Like a Car Seat Frame


The SentrySafe Portable Safe, Model PP1K, includes a 25-inch long steel tethering cable. This cable allows the portable safe to be anchored to an object such as a car seat frame or another fixed object. The tethering cable is made from braided, vinyl coated, stainless steel, to prevent it from scratching whatever it's secured to.  

When the cable is inserted into the Portable Safe, it is secured tightly in place with a cam-clutch system when the safe's lid is locked. With the safe firmly fastened to a permanent structure, you can feel confident that no one will be able to walk away with your firearm when it is locked inside.

Rugged Steel Construction and Design for Years of Service

Heavy-duty solid 18 gauge steel construction
Provides reliable, on-the-go protection. Heavy duty and solid 18 gauge steel construction that gives a sense of quality and security. 

Pry-resistant lid
The lid of the Portable Safe features a powerful pry-resistant door protects the contents of the Portable Safe from unauthorized access. Once you unlock the Portable Safe, the lid easily opens with the assistance of a hydraulic type lid assist - a nice quality feature not found on other portable safes. 

CA DOJ approved
The combination of the Portable Safe's construction and lock are make the safe "CA DOJ Approved." 

Easy carry handle
The outside of the Portable Safe also features a nylon fabric handle for easy carry like a small briefcase when needed. 

Foam protects valuables
The inside of the Portable Safe features high compression foam which is mounted to safe's inside top, bottom, and sides in order to keep the contents safe from scratches and damage.

Barrel style key lock
The Portable Safe is secured by a barrel style key lock.  Included are two compact barrel lock style keys which easily fit on a key ring.

Fits under most car seats
Outside measurements are appx 10.1x11.3x3.4. The inside "useful area" measures 6.1 in x 9.8 x by 3 inches deep. The compact size of the Portable Safe allows it to fit under a car seat. - usually in the rear, due to under the front of a car seat is usually taken up by the electric seat motor.   

Meets TSA requirements for air travel and checked luggage
The Portable Safe by SentrySafe meets the US Government's TSA requirement for air travel. 

Concealed weapon permit holders
This portable safe is an essential item for all handgun permit holders. Permit holders have additional restrictions placed on them from carrying concealed weapons in certain private and public buildings, including:

  • Legally posted establishments and (private) property.

  • Federal property such as IRS and INS buildings, military recruitment offices, and post offices, just to name a few. 

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SentrySafe Portable Pistol Safe Specifications


Interior Dimensions: D 3" x L 9.8" x W 6.1"

Exterior Dimensions: D 3.4" x L 11.3" x W 10.1"

Cable length: 25"

Weight: 6.5 Pounds


Looks good so far! (Nobody stole my pistol yet!)


I'm really happy with this safe. It appears to be very sturdy, its interior is much roomier than I expected, and its good solid construction will ensure that it survives road trips on my motorcycle. My 9MM pistol and spare magazines will fit inside with room to spare for other valuables or even another smaller pistol. Although I'm licensed to carry there are still venues where you are not allowed to bring a handgun, so when I'm on the road and must leave my gun behind in my hotel room this safe will bring me instant peace of mind, for many hotel rooms, even in quality hotels, don't have room safes, and this way I can lock my pistol in the safe and lock the safe to an immovable object in the room and not worry that someone can simply discover and walk away with my valuable firearm. A great investment and reasonably priced. One less worry while traveling.


This safe is really made with quality. It is the perfect safe especially for the cost to have by the bed or if you want to just have something stashed away. I have looked at countless other safes that can be broken into by kids in less than 2mins just by picking them but not with this. Can open it in less than 15secs and be ready to go if need be. Perfect size and quality.... HIGHLY recommend it.