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 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $50+   continental US only

Sholdit Scarf with hidden security pocket
  • Sholdit Scarf with hidden security pocket
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Black
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Black
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Black
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Black
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Black
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Black
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium
  • Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One, Titanium

Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf in One


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SHOLDIT - Security Purse and Scarf in One, A Hands-Free Security Purse and Fashion Accessory 

The original SHOLDIT is the first scarf, shoulder wrap, or cross body wrap with zippered security pockets to keep your valuables hidden and handy. 

SHOLDIT is a stylish and practical with this cleverly designed scarf. Tuck your essentials into the security pocket and you're ready to go. Your ‘stuff’  is close and hidden in a very easy to access pocket inside the seam of this lined infinity scarf.

Throw it around your shoulders, neck, even carry like a clutch purse. The Sholdit is a combination of fashion, versatility and hands-free possibilities in one stylish piece with two hidden pockets.

Two Concealed Security Compartments

The SHOLDIT hands free clutch and scarf wrap is a fashion accessory that features two zipper security pouches, one for your everyday necessities and the other for your cellphone.

Sholdit infinity scarf with hidden pocket

What Can You Carry in the SHOLDIT Security Scarf?

Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf Clutch

The SHOLDIT is designed to hold your essential smaller items such as:

  • Smartphone
  • ID
  • Checkbook
  • Debit / Credit card
  • Cash
  • Passport
  • Lip gloss, lip stick, or lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal care items

The SHOLDIT gives you the freedom of no purse with the accessibility of your absolute, must have favorites.  

Sholdit is 4-in-1 Multi-function Fashion Security

  • As a Cross Body Bag, Wrap or Sash - As a wrap or sash, it only takes a second to pull it across your body and use the strong elastic cinch to pull it tight to fit right to your body. 
  • As an Infinity Scarf - Simply wrapped up around your neck like a traditional infinity scarf. SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap is a fashionable wat to keep your valuables secure while taking advantage of being hands-free.
  • As a Head Scarf - Some women like the SHOLDIT's ability to be worn as a head scarf for warmth, sanitation, fashion, social or religious purposes.
  • As a Clutch - When you don't want to wear it, the SHOLDIT can be inverted and folded into itself, thereby transforming itself into a small clutch handbag. In this configuration, the clutch's main compartment has plenty of space for a phone, money, credit cards and even sunglasses. Zip it closed and you're good to go!

Whichever way SHOLDIT Clutch Security Wrap is worn, it guarantees a fashionable way to keep your valuables secure while enjoying the freedom of not carrying a handbag.

Available in Two Classic Fashion Colors

The SHOLDIT is available in two colors, black and titanium, so you can match every outfit – an important feature of the traveling fashionista who wants to travel with accessories that are in colors that can be worn with any outfit or occasion.

Want to add more color to your wardrobe? Check out the SHOLDIT Basic Line

What are differences between the Original and Basic style SHOLDIT's? 

Anti-Pick Pocketing Benefits

Use the SHOLDIT and you greatly reduce your chances of being the mark of a pickpocket or thief. If you were to lose your ID, passport, credit cards overseas, you may have to spend countless hours trying to make a police report, as well as finding and waiting in line at the closest consulate to replace your passport. Getting replacement credit cards while traveling internationally can be another nightmare. How will you fly without your ID? The SHOLDIT is a clever anti-theft fashion accessory.

Why do You Need the SHOLDIT?

Great question, with an even better practical answer which every woman knows. Your handbag carries everything you need from lipstick to a hot glue gun…. but you really only need your smart phone, lip gloss, credit card, and maybe some cash….right?

You should also look at the SHOLDIT as a fashionable multipurpose item that lets you get your money’s worth out of something that will serve more than one purpose – an even better argument when you’re traveling. Here are a few of the most common examples of the SHOLDIT’s typical use:

  • Going on a shopping spree and need one less bag to carry?
  • What if you just want to run to the store and only need your phone and credit card?
  • Heading to a concert and need freedom to dance?
  • You’re going to a concert and don't want to hold a purse the whole time or shove things into your pockets.
  • You don't want to put a handbag down on the floor of a restaurant or bathroom and cringe thinking of what germs it is sitting in.
  • Sometimes you don’t want to carry a purse and sometimes don’t wear pocketed pants to
  • Going out to dinner, yet want to carry your essentials but don’t want to carry a purse?
  • Need to carry your essentials, but want to keep your hands free making it easy to do anything with ease.
  • Want a way to keep your smart phone easy to reach and accessible without having to scramble through your large and messy handbag.
  • Having young kids in tow, you frequently need to hold their hands and never know when you have to carry a sleepy kid – hence why you sometimes you need to have you hands totally free.
  • While trying to juggle carrying your handbag, purse, and other caboodles and oodles of “stuff” which MEANS you have two hands that are free!
  • How about you are traveling in an area known to be frequented by pickpockets and want a way to keep your wallet, smart phone, cash, or credit cards safe and don’t want to carry them in a purse that can be easily pickpocketed, or known to be carried in a purse which can be easily snatched.


Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf Clutch

Two Zippered Pockets

The SHOLDIT features two zippered security compartments which are perfectly sized to carry a woman’s top necessities. One of the zippered security pockets is designed to hold a smart phone, and the other pocket is designed to hold larger items such as a passport, small wallet, or a small lightweight digital camera.

The cell phone pocket is located down by the cinch, meaning it stays close to your side, and the larger compartment is located higher up in the scarf and is great for storage of all kinds of lightweight items.

Created by a Woman out of Necessity – the Mother of Invention

As much as most women love handbags, it’s safe to say that most women don't always love lugging them around and experiencing the neck and back strain a heavy bag can cause. Finally, there is a fashionable, hands-free alternative to the traditional handbag.

Created by a frustrated woman who almost lost her passport in the airport while juggling multiple bags at a security check point, and then actually losing her cell phone at a sporting event because she didn’t want to carry a bag all day, she set out to create a fashionable, multifunctional item which would incorporate with the look and feel of a scarf, the security of a cross body bag, and the simplicity of a clutch when needed.

Her result was with the SHOLDIT, an entirely new and different style of purse, the only fashionable piece of its kind that features a built-in security feature and hands free movement feature that solves so many problems and frustrations around carrying a regular handbag.


Sholdit Media Testimonials

"I've always made a travel belt the number one piece of gear any woman needs when she travels - until I acquired SHOLDIT. It's now bumped the travel belt for the top spot and I wouldn't dream of leaving home without it. In fact I'm going to try to get my hands on several different models - summer, prints, different fabrics... So listen up, ladies: if you plan to be walking around during your travels, this light, stylish item will erase any safety worries you might have concerning your money and papers. Just throw one of these on and walk off - no one will be the wiser."

Leyla Giray, Publisher, Women on the Road 

"Women can carry their valuables without tipping off would-be pick pockets."
USA Today

"That's smart! That is REALLY smart!"

Hoda, TODAY Show 

"What a great idea! It doesn't look like there's stuff in the SHOLDIT!
Kathie Lee, TODAY Show

"I love the SHOLDIT because it keeps your hands free making it easy to do anything with ease. I own a few oversized totes, but the SHOLDIT pulls through when my back and neck need a break!"

Sisanie, LA's 102.7 KIIS FM

"I haven't been a fan of the hands-free bag offerings up until now."

NBC's Style Goes Strong

"It looks like a regular scarf, but it's actually replacing my purse today! This is a great idea."


"The world's one and only patent-pending Clutch Wrap purse!

The Ryan Seacrest Morning Show  

"Scarves are my go-to accessory for making my mom uniform (a t-shirt) look cute quickly, while giving me a little style, and the fact that I can store my phone and keys without stuffing my pockets like a plumber, makes me so uber happy."

Star Telegram 

"Perfectly sized to safely and discreetly carry a woman's top essentials such as credit cards, keys, cash, and a cell phone."

CW Network's KTLA 



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Watch the demonstration video to see the SHOLDIT in action  

Where to wear the Sholdit Security Scarf and Clutch



Sholdit - Security Purse and Scarf Clutch Specifications

  • Colors: Black and Titanium
  • Length: 30" inches
  • Width: 2" taper in width, from 12" to 10"
  • Material: 100% polyester outer material, with a lining made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.
  • Guarantee: One year, manufacturers warranty 
  • SKU: #S40-22000
  • Hand Wash and Lay Flat to Dry


Purchase was for a retirement gift for co-worker to who is going to travel. It is a perfect unique gift. ordering and delivery was great and fast. Thank You